Every Goal, Every Header, Every Match with CoveritLive and LiveScores

The eyes of the world are on Brazil beginning June 12 as the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off and footies from 32 countries hit the pitch in a quest for a common goal of bringing home the cup. Be sure to leverage CoveritLive’s rich features and EventStudio’s robust functionality this World Cup season, as you deliver real-time updates of every triumph and heart-pounding moment the tournament has to offer, to your readers and viewers. Whether it’s the pool play matches, the fiery action of the knockout stage or the event’s final, CiL provides journalists and broadcasters covering matches and their specific teams an experience for the 2014 World Cup like never before.

CoveritLive’s well-rounded tool set has always been the premier way to provide live real-time match coverage to football and soccer fans around the world, but the LiveScores World Cup automated scoreboards and all of the latest updates to CiL’s robust features make it easier than ever to engage with readers or viewers throughout the tournament.

Producers have always had the capacity to include a scoreboard within their experience, however, the new World Cup LiveScores feature provides the ability to add a fully-automated scoreboard for every single match. Every match is an opportunity for your publication or network to connect with your fans through a live blog, social stream, LiveContentWall or second screen experience. CiL experiences allows Producers to interact with user questions and comments, incorporate Twitter, Instagram and YouTube content or infuse the event experience with images or polls.

Strapped for time? Need to run an automated event? Incorporating an automated scoreboard into the CoveritLive experience allows publishers and broadcasters a new opportunity to run automated experiences for a particular match, league or group of matches without having to man the CiL controls. Prior to launching the experience, the Producer can access the EventStudio in Prep Mode and setup a handful of automated Twitter usernames or hashtags to pull into the event, while adding a LiveScores scoreboard to round out the in-match experience.

Users are already finding CoveritLive’s new LiveScores to be a winner, but take the ‘kick’ yourself and use a scoreboard with your next live football/soccer blog or automated in-match event.


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