World Cup – Scoreboard Best Practices

CoveritLive’s automated Scoreboard makes it easy for publishers to cover all of the World Cup action.  The Live Scoreboard takes only minutes to set up, and then automatically updates with the latest World Cup scores and plays throughout the game, allowing you to focus on game commentary and Reader questions. Major plays are visually highlighted so fans are always kept up-to-date on the game action. With the ability to customize the display, you can choose to cover a specific game, multiple games (on the same day), or the entire series! The Live Scores feature is routinely used by major publishers around the globe, including France24, Yahoo Sports, Expressen and Aftonbladet to enhance their live sports coverage. Keep reading for Scoreboard Tips and example Screenshots…


Ready to get Started?

  • To create a Live Scoreboard for any event simply open EventStudio and click on the “Scoreboard” tab. (Tip! You can build your Scoreboard in advance of your event by using EventStudio in Prep Mode.)
  • From the Scoreboard tab select “Live Scores” and under the ‘League’ drop down choose “World Cup 2014″.

How to customize the Display Settings:

  • If you set the “Date” field to “Most Recent Game Days” then the Scoreboard will automatically update to the most recent World Cup game. This allows you to create an ongoing perpetual Scoreboard. (Tip! We recommend using a Ticker if you expect your event to run longer then a day or two).
  • If you select a specific date from the “Date” drop down then this will show only the games scheduled for that day. The Scoreboard will automatically update to show the most recent game. (TIP! If there are multiple games at the same time then the scores will appear in rotation in the scroll area above the Scoreboard. Readers can click on any of these scores to view additional live score details).
  • If you only want to showcase a specific game on a specific date then select a specific date and use the “Your Team” dropdown and select a specific game (e.g. Germany at France).

General Tips:

  • Live Scores feature visual cues and highlights that change based on the game action. For example, if a player is given a yellow or red card it will appear in the Game Notes at the bottom of the Scoreboard.
  • When you select a particular team, the corresponding game Scoreboard will appear by default for your Readers. If applicable, the scores for other World Cup games (playing on the same day) will appear in rotation in the scroll area above the Scoreboard. When the score changes in one of these other games it will flash a few times to draw Readers attention (the score flashes when it “arrives” in the middle of the scroll area). Readers can click on any of these scores to view additional live score details.
  • Scoreboard data is included in Replay Mode. However please note that Live Scores stop auto-updating when you end your event. Therefore if the game was still in play and the score was 3-4 when you ended your event, that is the score that will show on the Scoreboard in your Event Replay.
  • Want more info? The Scoreboard Support Page provides additional information about incorporating CoveritLive Scoreboards into your sports events.

Look who’s using Live Scores for the World Cup (click any image to view full size)