Team USA, not the only winners at the 2015 Women’s World Cup as CiL coverage shines - 2015 Women's World Cup Final with CiL

The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup was a cultural phenomenon during the month of June and into early July all around the world, but especially in the United States. Fans of all ages cheered on their countries and their favorite players throughout the tournament. Several publishers in the US created compelling storytelling experiences with CoveritLive that opened the doors to the team’s journey to their third World Cup title.

CoveritLive’s strong moderation tools provide viewers with a clean, easy-to-read, interactive live blog which can be consumed, both as a primary engagement experience, but also by viewers watching on television as a second screen.

The platform allowed publishers like USA Today and Sports Illustrated to provide the best story possible for fans, both casual and fanatics alike, delivering interactive moderated conversations, images, video, as well as curated and relevant social content to their well-tailored engagement experiences.

The event Producers harness the power of the EventStudio’s robust functionality and infuse these experiences with pieces of content from the Media Library or live on the fly. The end-to-end tool set of CoveritLive, allows users to provide comprehensive coverage that takes its followers from kick-off all the way through the post-game celebration.

Sports Illustrated and USA Today both utilized the CoveritLive manual soccer scoreboards to complement their experience. The Producers simply uploaded participating team logos and provided relevant updates to the scoring action, game clock and scoring plays. The manual scoreboards and their sister feature LiveScores (automated professional and collegiate scoreboards) truly round out experiences and help hold the attention of the already engaged audiences.

Check out some samples below of how CoveritLive was utilized to cover the Women’s World Cup and the next time you need a real-time engagement platform for social curation, live blogging or hosted Q&A’s, try CoveritLive on for size.

Sports Illustrated Women’s World Cup Quarterfinal

Sports Illustrated Women’s World Cup Semifinal

Sports Illustrated Women’s World Cup Final

USA Today Women’s World Cup Semifinal

USA Today Women’s World Cup Final

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