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CoveritLive informs and educates in the midst of Hurricane Sandy disaster

By Spencer Kitley

As Hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc on much of the northeastern United States, CoveritLive has been the conduit that has allowed many storm followers access to live up-to-date coverage throughout the storm. During the storm more than five million readers in the United States and around the world, clicked into CiL live blogs for storm tracking, flooding, power-outage and evacuation information.

Yahoo News, Weather.com, Aftonbladet and LeMonde were excellent outlets for CoveritLive blogs during Hurricane Sandy as contributors shared information and provided perspective of the situation as it developed.

• Yahoo News and Weather.com attracted more than four million viewers to their live blogs during the storm, with Yahoo News’ The Lookout blog educating almost 2.6 million people with its coverage that anchored the Yahoo home page for multiple days.

• Live blog coverage of the storm spanned outside the United States as well, with Canadian, Swedish, French, Norwegian and many other publishers using CiL to track the hurricane.

*The clicks metric is defined as a reader that actively clicks into a CoveritLive event.