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CoveritLive July Highlights

The month of July saw CoveritLive audiences engage with a wide variety of experiences and this edition of monthly highlights takes a look at some of the month’s most successful implementations. The highlights feature Bundesliga European football coverage, live news reporting from Chattanooga, Tenn., a reality TV second screen experience and MLB All-Star Game coverage.

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Every Goal, Every Header, Every Match with CoveritLive and LiveScores

The eyes of the world are on Brazil beginning June 12 as the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off and footies from 32 countries hit the pitch in a quest for a common goal of bringing home the cup. Be sure to leverage CoveritLive’s rich features and EventStudio’s robust functionality this World Cup season, as you deliver real-time updates of every triumph and heart-pounding moment the tournament has to offer, to your readers and viewers. Whether it’s the pool play matches, the fiery action of the knockout stage or the event’s final, CiL provides journalists and broadcasters covering matches and their specific teams an experience for the 2014 World Cup like never before. Continue reading


CoveritLive experiences inform and entertain more than 1.5 million NFL Draft viewers

In a year that has seen many CoveritLive experiences shine bright, the NFL Draft proved to be one of the brightest stars of 2014 to-date. In this week’s special NFL Draft edition of the weekly CoveritLive Social TV rankings, the draft put up stats as impressive as those that Jadeveon Clowney, Blake Bortles and Sammy Watkins posted in their decorated collegiate careers.

The three-day event attracted coverage from NFL.com, NFL team sites, broadcasters, news organizations and fan sites. In total, just over 100 CiL experiences were hosted as 1.5 million viewers joined the social experiences to learn which players landed on their favorite teams.

Viewers that participated in the draft’s top-three live experiences engaged with the page for an average of 45 minutes per-visit.

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Feature Implementation: Channel 4 in studio

Recently Channel 4, a British public-service television broadcaster utilized CoveritLive in a unique fashion as it directly incorporated a live Social Stream into its ‘What the 4? interactive studio experience. Real-time Twitter content was delivered live to the expert team of Paul Mason, Marta Mulyak, Kate Malby and Alexander Nekrassov in the studio for their ‘#WT4 happens next in Ukraine?’ interactive show.

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CoveritLive informs and entertains on college football’s national signing day

As college football fans all over the United States clamored over the newest additions to their favorite program’s team on Wednesday, CoveritLive was there to provide up-to-the-minute coverage of National Signing Day. The 2013 edition of signing day was filled with more than a handful of surprises, late signings and controversial decisions and throughout the day CoveritLive informed and entertained fans participating in almost 100 different signing day live blogs and chats.


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CoveritLive supports audience of one million for European football transfer deadline

By Spencer Kitley

The end of August marked the conclusion of the international transfer window for European football players in many countries across Europe. After a two-month period, the transfer deadline on Aug. 31 sparked intense interest as more than one million CoveritLive readers clicked into live events to follow all of the transfer action.

During the transfer window a football club can transfer players from other countries onto their roster. The transfer period occurs at various times throughout the year, but this deadline marked the end of the preseason window for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scotland and England and the end of the midseason transfer window for Finland, Sweden and Norway.

ESPN headlined the transfer deadline coverage with its live blog that attracted almost 300,000 readers to its live event that featured commentary from Dale Johnson and Jon Carter.

Norwegian broadcaster, TV 2 drew an audience in excess of 175,000 to its transfer day live event, while Danish newspaper, Ekstra Bladet entertained almost 140,000 readers with its live coverage of the deadline.

UK publisher, The Sun topped the 100,000 mark as well, ranking fourth among the top events of the deadline and Scottish broadcaster, STV posted the fifth-largest event with more than 70,000 readers.

CoveritLive proved to be the preferred social solution for live blogs of all scopes and sizes for the transfer deadline. The next time you need a real time live blogging, Social TV or chat event solution, try CoveritLive on for size and see why it is the answer for so many others.




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