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Guide to live blogging Apple’s iPhone 6 announcement

CoveritLive has all of the tools necessary to make your next live blogging experience a great success. As you prepare to deliver real-time reports of the highly-anticipated upcoming Apple product announcements on Tuesday, Sept. 9 keep this blog post handy as a resource. Below are a few best practices and tips to utilize when Apple announces its next big innovations.


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Case Study: ULTA Beauty

ULTA Beauty

ULTA Beauty is the largest beauty retailer in the United States and it prides itself on providing affordable indulgence to its customers by combining unmatched product breadth, value and convenience. Recently they showed their dedication to engaging with their customers as well, by hosting a Carols Daughter Live Chat, which allowed customers and potential users to chat directly with the natural beauty product line’s founder, Lisa Price. Continue reading

Ulta Beauty's Carols Daughter Live Chat

Case Study: Dermablend

L’Oreal’s Dermablend products are the No. 1 dermatologist recommended camouflage line in the United States. The brand has numerous success stories of users utilizing Dermablend to cover birthmarks, tattoos, scars, pigmentation and post-surgical scars. The Dermablend team recently decided that as part of a larger campaign they wanted to provide a means for loyal users to share their thoughts, photos and videos socially. Not only could this create an opportunity for users to share, but it also created a learning center where others could see what’s working well for others and what products they are using to achieve their successes. Continue reading

2014-03-17 Dermablend frontpage_half

Best Practices for live blogging Apple’s WWDC

As you prepare to live blog the upcoming keynote and product announcements from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), CoveritLive has all of the tools necessary to make your experience a great success. Below are a few best practices and tips to utilize on Monday, June 2 when Apple announces its next big thing.

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2014 WWDC

CoveritLive Highlights: 2013

The last year was a great success for CoveritLive as the product and its robust feature set continued to grow and further solidify CiL's place as the World's Real-Time Events Leader. Take a look at some of the highlights from 2013, beginning with the EventStudio in February up until last month's landmark release.

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Check out ways to utilize CoveritLive 3.10’s new features

The CoveritLive team is very proud to announce the release of CoveritLive 3.10 which provides users with several new features that will undoubtedly improve the way they run live events. Among many things, 3.10 has added a new Pinning functionality that provides the ability to select important pieces of content for persistent display at the top of the event, while its new embed code allows for further customization of the Viewer Window and delivers desktop and mobile events with responsive design.

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