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LiveContentWalls deliver real-time content for any occasion

LiveContentWalls (LCWs) make it easy to create a dynamic and highly-visual social wall experience for any live event. Curate social content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media, and publish along with your own original comments and images. All LCW posts are displayed instantly in a tiled wall format similar to those seen on Pinterest and other social sites. 

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Running Boston Marathon

More than 40 major sports and news sites utilize CoveritLive for NFL Draft

Thursday night marked the unofficial start to the 2013 NFL football season as teams began building for their future at the NFL Draft. Fans around the world turned their eyes to their televisions for draft coverage and utilized CoveritLive for a second screen experience provided by any one of more than 40 major sports and news web sites covering the draft.

The three days of the NFL draft saw almost 11 million Social TV viewers visit NFL Draft experiences that featured CoveritLive embeds, while more than one million viewers actively participated in CiL draft events. Viewers that participated in the draft’s top-five live events engaged with the event an average of 31 minutes per-visit.

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