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CoveritLive: November 2014 in Review

The month of November saw CoveritLive audiences engage in large variety of unique experiences and this installment’s infographic presentation explores the month’s experiences that were highlighted by coverage of the Rosetta space mission, the grand jury verdict in Ferguson, Missouri, Swedish Father’s Day, NFL and NCAA football, NBA basketball and more. Here is a look at key data and highlights from the top events of the month.


CoveritLive: November 2013 in review

The month of November marked the fourth straight month that CoveritLive has seen more than 39 million readers join CiL events. This installment’s infographic presentation explores November’s events that were highlighted by major weather coverage, NFL and NCAA Football, the Australian Football League Draft, World Cup qualifying matches, Formula 1 racing and more. Here is a peek at key data and highlights from the top events of the month. Read more…

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CoveritLive: November in review

By Spencer Kitley

With the conclusion of November, CoveritLive kicks off its new month-in-review series that will profile key CiL usage from the previous month. The inaugural edition showcases a month that was buoyed by the United States Presidential election, the Hurricane Sandy disaster and American professional and collegiate football.  The monthly numbers were somewhat distorted due to the U.S. Thanksgiving week holiday lull, but here is a look at key data and highlights from the top events of the month.

November by the numbers

• In November, CoveritLive events attracted a total of 18.7 million clicks. The click metric is defined as a reader that actively clicks into a CiL event.

• The single largest day by click volume was November 7, when more than 4 million readers clicked into CiL events.

• CoveritLive attracted 102.9 million page views during the month.

• CiL event readers stayed in events an average of 41 minutes per-visit in November.

• In excess of 11.1 million Tweets were pushed through CoveritLive events during the month.

• The largest CoveritLive event of the month was French publisher, Le Monde’s live coverage of the U.S. Presidential election, attracting 655,252 readers. In the U.S., Yahoo held the largest event of the month, drawing an audience of 271,752 readers to its live election coverage.