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CoveritLive experiences inform and entertain more than 1.5 million NFL Draft viewers

In a year that has seen many CoveritLive experiences shine bright, the NFL Draft proved to be one of the brightest stars of 2014 to-date. In this week’s special NFL Draft edition of the weekly CoveritLive Social TV rankings, the draft put up stats as impressive as those that Jadeveon Clowney, Blake Bortles and Sammy Watkins posted in their decorated collegiate careers.

The three-day event attracted coverage from NFL.com, NFL team sites, broadcasters, news organizations and fan sites. In total, just over 100 CiL experiences were hosted as 1.5 million viewers joined the social experiences to learn which players landed on their favorite teams.

Viewers that participated in the draft’s top-three live experiences engaged with the page for an average of 45 minutes per-visit.

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CiL Feature Implementation: NFL.com Super Bowl week

The largest sporting event in the United States on a yearly basis is the Super Bowl and as the game continues to grow in popularity the demand for coverage of the event has expanded to span the entire week leading up to the sports spectacle. This year, NFL.com capitalized on this opportunity to entertain NFL fans with CoveritLive chats throughout the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

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