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CoveritLive, ESPN and the NBA Playoffs


Each year the month of May marks the unofficial second season of NBA Basketball with the playoffs kicking into high gear and the levels of fan excitement steadily rising with each passing game and series. After almost two full rounds of the 2012 NBA Playoffs, the social buzz around the league’s first round and conference semifinal games has soared as the demand for social engagement has reached new heights. ESPN’s Daily Dime Live chat has provided the desired Social TV outlet for fans throughout the playoffs as they have enjoyed the network’s second screen experience while watching the game live on ESPN or TNT. 

The Worldwide Leader in Sports runs the Daily Dime Live throughout the regular season, but the popularity of the chat has grown exponentially during the playoffs. ESPN’s use of CoveritLive’s API has allowed the network to integrate CiL into multiple custom fan engagement experiences across its web, tablet and mobile platforms. Fans have flocked to the Daily Dime in large numbers, with almost 50,000 viewers joining the chat events during the first two nights of the playoffs and almost 20,000 viewers getting social on May 21 for the fifth and decisive game of the Oklahoma City Thunder/Los Angeles Lakers series and game five of the Philadelphia 76ers/Boston Celtics series.
The CoveritLive API has been used to seamlessly incorporate the CiL window into ESPN’s mobile ScoreCenter app, so fans can easily move between the live play-by-play, scoreboard and the Daily Dime Live chat screen whether they are using the app for a Social TV experience or a firsthand blog while they are on the move. 
Additionally, ESPN has created an entertaining and informative Social TV dashboard for its tablet viewers by integrating the CoveritLive window into its GameCast experience. The combination of the social component with statistics, trends and other media feeds make this second screen an ideal one-stop shop for the avid NBA fan.
The same chat window that is deployed to mobile and to tablet is also simultaneously run with a custom skin in the web version of the Daily Dime’s native ESPN page, as well as in the web GameCast.
ESPN’s successful implementation of its Daily Dime Live across multiple platforms is certainly meeting the needs of rabid NBA fans consuming their information in all forms. The demand for social engagement by these fans is easily measured as the games of the NBA Playoffs have ranked atop the Trendrr and Social Guide Intelligence Cable TV Social TV charts every day this week and for much of the month of May.
The next time you are covering a large sporting event or small company announcement, try out CoveritLive as you build your multi-platform Social TV or live blog strategy.