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Introducing CoveritLive 3.30

The latest edition of CoveritLive was released today, delivering an all new set of fantastic features for users to utilize in live chats, live blogs, social streams and LiveContentWalls. The 3.30 release includes automated Instagram, verified Tweet filters, LiveContentWalls on Facebook, Pinning on LiveContentWalls and more. Continue reading

Every Goal, Every Header, Every Match with CoveritLive and LiveScores

The eyes of the world are on Brazil beginning June 12 as the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off and footies from 32 countries hit the pitch in a quest for a common goal of bringing home the cup. Be sure to leverage CoveritLive’s rich features and EventStudio’s robust functionality this World Cup season, as you deliver real-time updates of every triumph and heart-pounding moment the tournament has to offer, to your readers and viewers. Whether it’s the pool play matches, the fiery action of the knockout stage or the event’s final, CiL provides journalists and broadcasters covering matches and their specific teams an experience for the 2014 World Cup like never before. Continue reading


CoveritLive Blogs and LiveScores are a hole-in-one for Masters coverage

By Spencer Kitley

The 2014 golf season is in full swing and beginning this weekend the first of the four majors kicks off at Augusta National. The Masters tourney is the first big opportunity of the season to engage with golf fans and viewers through CoveritLive real-time engagement experiences. CoveritLive live blogs, chats and socials streams coupled with LiveScores automated scoreboards allow broadcasters, publishers and golf bloggers around the world to interact with golf fans with ease as each tournament unfolds.

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Sports Illustrated's Golf.com

CoveritLive Highlights: 2013

The last year was a great success for CoveritLive as the product and its robust feature set continued to grow and further solidify CiL's place as the World's Real-Time Events Leader. Take a look at some of the highlights from 2013, beginning with the EventStudio in February up until last month's landmark release.

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Enhance NCAA football coverage with LiveScores new Top 25 scoreboards

A few short weeks ago we blogged about broadcasters, publishers and sports organizations taking advantage of CoveritLive’s LiveScores functionality to enhance their live coverage of NFL and NCAA football games. The automated scoreboards have enjoyed widespread use over the first couple weeks of the season and they just got better. Beginning Friday, Sept. 13 a new grouping of NCAA LiveScores will be available that allows users to run a Top 25 scoreboard.

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Football season is upon us, Infuse live events with CiL LiveScores

Gridiron warriors across the United States are working hard and sweating in the hot August sun in professional, collegiate and high school training camps, but CoveritLive’s rich feature set allows you to run successful events this football season, No Sweat. Whether it’s the last days of summer or the final few rounds of the league playoffs, CiL provides journalists and broadcasters covering games and teams an experience for the 2013 season like never before.

CoveritLive’s well-established tool set has always been the premier way to provide live real-time game coverage to football fans around the world, but the LiveScores automated scoreboards and other new updates to CiL’s robust features make it easier than ever to engage with readers or viewers throughout the season.

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CiL Feature Implementation: Fox Sports Florida

As the defending NBA champion Miami Heat and four-time NBA champion San Antonio Spurs prepare to lock horns in the 2013 NBA Finals, Fox Sports Florida is bringing the live social conversation to fans and Social TV viewers. The network’s site is leveraging a new CoveritLive ticker feed to deliver real-time social content and live scores in a well-designed engagement experience


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Baseball season is here, Enliven your events with CiL LiveScores

The sixth-month journey to the baseball postseason is a long arduous trail, not only for the teams and fans, but also for the journalists and broadcasters covering the teams for the 162-game schedule. CoveritLive’s well-established tool set has always been the premier way to provide live real-time game coverage to baseball fans around the world, but the newest updates to CiL’s robust features make it easier than ever to engage with readers or viewers throughout the long season. Producers have always had the capacity to include a scoreboard within their event, however, the new LiveScores feature provides the ability to add live automated scoreboards. The LiveScores scoreboards are complete with team logos, a league scores ticker, batter/pitcher matchups, line score, base runner location, balls, strikes and outs, as well as last-play info. 

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