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Final Four closes out strong March run for CoveritLive

Every March brings a new beginning to the college basketball season, as the spirit of March Madness re-invigorates the sporting community with the excitement of the selection show and the rush of the masses to predict the bracket results. However, with each Lehigh or Norfolk State victory the dreams of many are dashed and red ink quickly litters the brackets of the once hopeful. The failed predictions are guaranteed to happen each March, as is the coronation of a new champion at the beginning of April.

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Emailing Content Eases Live Blogging from the Field

Whether you’re covering breaking news or a keynote event, CoveritLive provides a number of features to make on-location live blogging easy.  One of these features is the ability to submit content by email which allows contributors to send comments, photos, videos and audio directly to a live event.

The ability to email content directly to the event provides a quick and easy way for contributors to provide live updates from their phone, tablet or computer without having to be in the Writer’s Console. This feature can be enabled per event and set up to only recognize designated contributors.

When a contributor’s message is sent to the event-specific contributor email address, the content of the message, including attachments containing images, audio and video, will be added directly to the live blog content.

This feature can also be enabled for user contributions, enabling your readers to submit comments and photos by emailing the event-specific email address. The event address is displayed in the Viewer Window and provides a quick single-click link to launch the user’s email client.

Just like comments and photos submitted from the Viewer Window, this user content is moderated in the Writer’s Console before flowing into your live blog. It will be included with other content submitted to the event and displayed with a blue background to denote that it originated as an email.

When live blogging breaking news or live events, your feet on the ground need the ability to send content fast and they won’t always have the luxury of jumping into the Event Console.  Emailing content is a simple and easy way to get content from the field into your live blog whether from your designated contributors or live readers. To learn more about this feature, check out the official documentation.

CoveritLive also provides numerous other tools that aid in on-location live blogging including native mobile applications for iPhone and Android, mobile web interfaces and our robust API that allows you to build custom tools for submitting and displaying content. We’re always looking for ways to improve our live experience for contributors and we would love your feedback!