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CoveritLive Guide to Twitter

By Spencer Kitley

The growing popularity of Twitter is undeniable and drawing fresh, live Twitter content into an event is an outstanding way to enliven live blogs, chat and Social TV events. Using Twitter with CiL allows reporters, journalists, bloggers or topical experts to inject live commentary from the field during breaking news or to add relevant third party analysis and opinion.

CoveritLive uses real-time Streaming API to provide faster, more reliable Twitter integration and ultimately create unparalleled experiences within CiL events.  There is no doubt that Twitter is a key platform for live coverage and CiL has harnessed this valuable source of insight for seamless event integration.  In fact, over 20 million tweets are pushed through CoveritLive each month and that number continues to grow.

If you are using a popular search term, CoveritLive’s unique “Top Tweets” filter keeps readers engaged by filtering through the Twitter noise. The Top Tweets filter makes it easy to include tweets in your live event since it automatically provides only the most relevant and interesting content. Additionally, users can pre-load multiple Twitter usernames, lists, hashtags and search terms for ease of use during the live event. CiL also allows users to exclude content, including ‘@’ replies and ‘dirty words.

When conducting an event be sure to keep the following Best Practices in mind:

Set your Tweet filters to include the desired amount of information. For example if you are using the search term “Oprah” and you set the Top Tweet slider to the right-most position, only the most popular “Oprah” related tweets will show up in your event — e.g. Tweets from @Oprah or from the most popular news sources, plus ‘smart’ or ‘viral’ tweets that have been re-tweeted and are popular in the “Twitterverse”.

Live blogging an event with no television or internet video feed? Incorporate photos from your mobile device or photographer colleague into your event. Native Twitter photos appear as images in the viewer window and give further insight into the live event.

Be careful not to inundate readers with too many Tweets as events which are populated with a tweet every few seconds offer little value to the reader. Too large of a list of Twitter handles or hashtags can overwhelm readers, so management of your Twitter filters will ensure that the volume and quality of tweets fits the event.

Are you are using your CoveritLive event primarily as a ‘Tweet catcher’? If so, it is highly recommended that the event is set up as a CoveritLive Ticker. CiL Tickers are designed to host permanent or long-term events. Standard events that run for several days at a time with a high volume of only tweets may be auto-converted into a Ticker.

Pre-load the Twitter usernames, lists and hashtags that you are interested in prior to the event beginning, so you can focus on moderation once the event begins.  If a Tweeter gives cause to be removed or added during the event, settings can be adjusted on the fly in the console while the event is in progress.

Twitter should be a primary tool in your live coverage but not your complete strategy. The combination of Twitter and CoveritLive creates far more compelling real-time experiences and will build strong connections with your audience. To learn more about how you can use Twitter within your CoveritLive events, check out our support center and follow us at @CoveritLive.

CoveritLive Guide to Media Library

By Spencer Kitley

As reader’s appetites for consumption and engagement grow so to should your strategy for interaction and entertainment within your CoveritLive events. One thing that separates CoveritLive from all other real-time platforms is how simple it is to add video, images, audio clips and even your own polls and gaming into your live event.

Users can load items into their personal Media Library ahead of time or upload on the fly using the Media Uploader. Everything is formatted to play within the viewer window making it simple for the event producer to integrate multimedia elements into the real-time event.

If the user knows there are video or audio clips, photos or polls that are needed in advance of the event it is highly-recommended that they are set up prior to the start of the event in the Media library.

Below are five tips for managing your Media Library prior to and during your next event.

1.       Click on the ‘My Account’ tab and save images, audio or video files into your ‘Media Library’ under the corresponding directory. (Do this before you launch your live event). You can also choose to update the image name and add a caption or notes.

2.       If you are involved in hosting an event that necessitates live photos and video you can upload those items live and on the fly. During your live event, open your ‘Media Library’ and double-click the image, video or audio file. The uploaded item will instantly appear for your readers in the viewer window. If the image is large, the image will auto-resize to fit in your viewer window and readers can always click the “Expand” link to view the image at full size.

3.       Engage your readers by using CoveritLive’s polls that allow readers to interact by answering questions and weigh their opinions against those of other readers. Polling questions are a great way to keep readers engaged during live events and CoveritLive makes it quick and easy to use. Polls can be constructed and saved prior to the event beginning or they can be created and deployed on the fly during the event. Before the event begins, access polls by entering the Polls/Interactive tab and naming, creating and saving your poll. To create a poll during an event, select Quick Polls, enter your answer choices and publish.

4.       Enhance your live event with videos from YouTube. Users can preload all of their YouTube links into the Media Library in advance of the event. If the user desires to add the links manually, he/she should bookmark all the YouTube pages they want to use or copy and paste all of the embed codes into a document for easy insertion into the event. During the event, users can simply open the Twitter & Video tab in the console and paste the video embed code that was generated on YouTube’s web site into the box that is showing within the tab. Once the user clicks to publish the video it will instantly play for all readers in the viewer window.

5.       Want to create an all-encompassing multimedia live experience? Setup a CoveritLive event to run concurrently with your live streaming video. Execution of this synchronization is easily executed by opening the Twitter & Video tab, copying the embed code for your video from the appropriate live video web site (UStream, Livestream, Qik) and pasting the code into the corresponding box. Once the user clicks publish, the live video will instantly play for readers in a small window right next to the viewer window.

The Media Library can be an important and highly-effective component of your live event strategy. The combination of engaging commentary and different elements of multimedia will build a strong interactive experience for your entire audience.