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CoveritLive Weekly: Top five Social TV events (June 24-30)

The final week of June proved to be a very big week for CoveritLive and Yahoo’s Live Chats during the George Zimmerman murder trial dominated the weekly Social TV rankings. Yahoo News produced five of the top seven Social TV events for the week, while the Australian Football League claimed one spot in the top five and Yahoo Sports’ NBA Draft coverage landed just outside of the top five.


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Yahoo News and SCOTUS Blog deploy CoveritLive to cover the week’s biggest news events

The last week in June has provided several major, compelling news stories in the United States. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions on several landmark cases and the commencement of the George Zimmerman Trial in Sanford, Fla. have created an appetite for information and CoveritLive has been there to feed the need. The SCOTUS Blog has once again provided up-to-the-minute live blogging of the Supreme Court’s decision and informed the masses, while Yahoo News has provided its own live chat around the rulings, syndicated SCOTUS’s coverage and provided excellent live blog coverage of the Zimmerman trial.

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