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Introducing CoveritLive 3.30

The latest edition of CoveritLive was released today, delivering an all new set of fantastic features for users to utilize in live chats, live blogs, social streams and LiveContentWalls. The 3.30 release includes automated Instagram, verified Tweet filters, LiveContentWalls on Facebook, Pinning on LiveContentWalls and more. Continue reading

LiveContentWalls deliver real-time content for any occasion

LiveContentWalls (LCWs) make it easy to create a dynamic and highly-visual social wall experience for any live event. Curate social content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media, and publish along with your own original comments and images. All LCW posts are displayed instantly in a tiled wall format similar to those seen on Pinterest and other social sites. 

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Running Boston Marathon

RSS Feeds + Facebook, Pinterest & Tumblr

If you've already used EventStudio, then you know how easy it is to search for and share social content from Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. However you may not know that CoveritLive also includes a built-in RSS Reader. Simply enter the RSS Feed URL into the RSS Search tab and the stream below will populate with the RSS content. To make frequently used RSS feeds easier to manage, we automatically save previously entered RSS Feeds. If your organization has it's own RSS news feed this is an easy way to publish fresh content during your live event. Plus it's a quick way to incorporate Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Flickr content. Read More…


RSS example


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Announcing CoveritLive 2.5

By Spencer Kitley

CoveritLive has a new look, new logo and new web site but the improvements don’t stop there. CoveritLive has incorporated multiple new features to enhance the overall interactive experience for both customers and their readers. CoveritLive 2.5 includes an improved dashboard and enriched statistics, enhanced Facebook deployment, a new multi-user support login option and much more.

The newly remodeled CiL dashboard has been overhauled to deliver account details, current usage graphs and real-time notifications with the greatest of ease. The dashboard provides a summary glimpse of the account and allows the user to manage or upgrade their plan, view the number of members and manage monthly usage in real time. Current usage graphs make it easy to review groups or individual usage patterns over a period of days, weeks, months or even evaluate trends during a live event. The dashboard also features a new notification system that alerts customers to any issues or account notifications requiring attention. 
In addition to the previously provided CoveritLive statistics, CiL is now introducing data trends during live events that allow customers to monitor the increase and decrease of clicks throughout the duration of an event. Customers will also be able to view how many concurrent readers were watching the event and what percentage of readers stayed for various lengths of time during an event through handsomely illustrated graphs.
CiL’s new Super User login functionality allows an account administrator to easily log into and manage any of the accounts tied to the subscription. This feature makes it simple to invite producers and panelists, set up an event for a particular user or to reset passwords for members of the group.
CoveritLive 2.5 also provides enhanced Facebook deployment features that greatly simplify the process of dropping a CiL event into a Facebook page. Upon setup, customers can now choose to add the newly created event to any Facebook page they manage and simply approve the CiL Facebook app permissions to launch an event into the Facebook timeline. 
In addition to these new features, CoveritLive now offers flexible, self-serve subscription plans that enable access to premium CoveritLive features with no advertising . Users can now choose a plan that best meets their needs, easily manage their payments and track their account usage with CiL’s new self-service subscription system.
Get started now with a free trial to try out CoveritLive and take your brand, company or organization’s social experience to the next level.