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One embed code to rule them all

CoveritLive recently made a major change to our embed code architecture. Utilizing the latest HTML5 techniques we've created an exciting new foundation upon which we've built, and will be building, some compelling new features and experiences for your CoveritLive content.  If you're still using the legacy embed code there's no need to worry, we have no plans to discontinue it. Hopefully this post inspires you to experiment with the new version – we think you'll like what we've built and are even more excited about what's in store for the future.


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Check out ways to utilize CoveritLive 3.10’s new features

The CoveritLive team is very proud to announce the release of CoveritLive 3.10 which provides users with several new features that will undoubtedly improve the way they run live events. Among many things, 3.10 has added a new Pinning functionality that provides the ability to select important pieces of content for persistent display at the top of the event, while its new embed code allows for further customization of the Viewer Window and delivers desktop and mobile events with responsive design.

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