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CoveritLive July Highlights

The month of July saw CoveritLive audiences engage with a wide variety of experiences and this edition of monthly highlights takes a look at some of the month’s most successful implementations. The highlights feature Bundesliga European football coverage, live news reporting from Chattanooga, Tenn., a reality TV second screen experience and MLB All-Star Game coverage.

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Bild’s Bundesliga Fan Block

German publisher Bild.de services its customers on a daily basis as they come to Bild.de for information on the latest in sports, news, entertainment, politics and tabloid fodder. The site uses CoveritLive for live experiences of all shapes and sizes, but none is bigger than the Bundesliga Fan Block that Bild utilizes to inform and interact with football fans nationwide and beyond.  Read More…

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CoveritLive Weekly: Top five Social TV events (Aug. 5-11, 2013)

A variety of sporting events, including the start of the Bundesliga football season and the PGA Championship, filled out the weekly CoveritLive Social TV rankings. Bild.de’s immersive football experience, the Australian Football League’s live game coverage, NFL preseason action and Sports Illustrated Golf’s PGA Championship blog comprised the top five this week.

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