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Introducing CoveritLive 3.30

The latest edition of CoveritLive was released today, delivering an all new set of fantastic features for users to utilize in live chats, live blogs, social streams and LiveContentWalls. The 3.30 release includes automated Instagram, verified Tweet filters, LiveContentWalls on Facebook, Pinning on LiveContentWalls and more. Continue reading

CoveritLive powers Storyful’s live wall at Digital Content NewFronts

At the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) recent Digital Content NewFronts conference there were several big announcements including the Wall Street Journal introducing a new digital video hub during its NewFronts presentation. The WSJ’s announcement was headlined by the fantastic CoveritLive LiveContentWall that was deployed by Storyful during the conference. Continue reading

Storyful LiveContentWall

Le Monde’s custom implementations

French publisher Le Monde has been a prominent CoveritLive user for many years and their custom implemenations of CiL are some of the best and most successful experiences out there. Check out this case study to learn about the variety of use cases that Le Monde utilizes, including their unique home page, expanding window for highlighting breaking news events.

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Live Coverage of the Political Crisis in Kiev

Earlier this week the deadly clashes between riot police and anti-government protesters in Kiev captured the world’s attention. Independence Square and nearby streets became a battlefield as violence escalated on both sides.

Once again many major international publishers turned to CoveritLive to provide their Readers with in-depth real-time coverage and commentary. Read More >>

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Bild’s Bundesliga Fan Block

German publisher Bild.de services its customers on a daily basis as they come to Bild.de for information on the latest in sports, news, entertainment, politics and tabloid fodder. The site uses CoveritLive for live experiences of all shapes and sizes, but none is bigger than the Bundesliga Fan Block that Bild utilizes to inform and interact with football fans nationwide and beyond.  Read More…

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CiL Feature Implementation: Yahoo’s Papal Announcement Coverage

On Wednesday, Yahoo proved once again to be the go-to choice for live news coverage as it provided wall-to-wall live video and live chat coverage of the papal announcement. The news leader utilized CoveritLive to provide live commentary of the day’s events, beginning with the white smoke circling above the Sistine Chapel, through the bells ringing at St. Peter’s Basilica and Pope Francis’ first blessing as pope.

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CoveritLive, ESPN and the NBA Playoffs


Each year the month of May marks the unofficial second season of NBA Basketball with the playoffs kicking into high gear and the levels of fan excitement steadily rising with each passing game and series. After almost two full rounds of the 2012 NBA Playoffs, the social buzz around the league’s first round and conference semifinal games has soared as the demand for social engagement has reached new heights. ESPN’s Daily Dime Live chat has provided the desired Social TV outlet for fans throughout the playoffs as they have enjoyed the network’s second screen experience while watching the game live on ESPN or TNT. 

The Worldwide Leader in Sports runs the Daily Dime Live throughout the regular season, but the popularity of the chat has grown exponentially during the playoffs. ESPN’s use of CoveritLive’s API has allowed the network to integrate CiL into multiple custom fan engagement experiences across its web, tablet and mobile platforms. Fans have flocked to the Daily Dime in large numbers, with almost 50,000 viewers joining the chat events during the first two nights of the playoffs and almost 20,000 viewers getting social on May 21 for the fifth and decisive game of the Oklahoma City Thunder/Los Angeles Lakers series and game five of the Philadelphia 76ers/Boston Celtics series.
The CoveritLive API has been used to seamlessly incorporate the CiL window into ESPN’s mobile ScoreCenter app, so fans can easily move between the live play-by-play, scoreboard and the Daily Dime Live chat screen whether they are using the app for a Social TV experience or a firsthand blog while they are on the move. 
Additionally, ESPN has created an entertaining and informative Social TV dashboard for its tablet viewers by integrating the CoveritLive window into its GameCast experience. The combination of the social component with statistics, trends and other media feeds make this second screen an ideal one-stop shop for the avid NBA fan.
The same chat window that is deployed to mobile and to tablet is also simultaneously run with a custom skin in the web version of the Daily Dime’s native ESPN page, as well as in the web GameCast.
ESPN’s successful implementation of its Daily Dime Live across multiple platforms is certainly meeting the needs of rabid NBA fans consuming their information in all forms. The demand for social engagement by these fans is easily measured as the games of the NBA Playoffs have ranked atop the Trendrr and Social Guide Intelligence Cable TV Social TV charts every day this week and for much of the month of May.
The next time you are covering a large sporting event or small company announcement, try out CoveritLive as you build your multi-platform Social TV or live blog strategy.

The role of Twitter in real-time engagement

There is no doubt that Twitter is a key platform for live coverage. The amount of content that gets generated in Twitter is unmatched and we see a lot of value in harnessing this valuable source of insight for your events. That is a key reason we have built, and continue to expand, robust features that integrate Twitter as a part of CoveritLive experiences.

In fact, over 22 million tweets were delivered through CoveritLive into live event coverage last month and that number continues to grow. Twitter is an essential component to live events and we believe strongly in the benefits. That’s why it remains a standard part of our offering and there’s no additional cost, no matter how much you use it.

The trick though, is to use Twitter in a way that enhances your coverage without depending on it solely for your entire experience. Twitter is a great source for live coverage but content alone is not enough to engage audiences around live events.

First, among all that content is a lot of noise and it’s hard to pick out what might be meaningful in a timely manner. The sheer volume of content coupled with the complete open nature of the platform means it’s really difficult to identify the relevant content. In fact, some companies make products and offer services charging a good bit of money just for combing Twitter for what matters and removing the rest.

CoveritLive helps you wrangle in Twitter to feature only the best and most relevant content, eliminating that need for other Twitter-managing solutions. You can search for and select specific tweets, automatically include tweets based on user name or hash tags as well as intelligently limit content based on filters like our “top tweets” algorithm. With CoveritLive, you have the ability to curate the best of the Twitter stream and use it to compliment a rich real-time experience.

Second, Twitter doesn’t actually allow for true interaction with your audience. While people can occasionally form cohesion around multiple one-way contributions, it’s not the norm and Twitter isn’t conducive to building an ongoing connection with the audience when capturing a live event. Twitter is oriented around following, not connecting.

With CoveritLive, you have the opportunity to engage more deeply with richer commentary from your own coverage and direct responses from your viewers as well as the ability to include photos, videos, audio, interactive polls, trivia and games. These interactions power stronger connections with your audience through your event coverage. That level of attachment is just not available in 140 characters or less.

One of the big Twitter advantages is its simple API and the ability to build custom interfaces around it. CoveritLive also has this ability and customers are using it to build some great experiences across the web, mobile and tablets. Le Monde and ESPN are just two examples of engaging real-time coverage built using the extensive CoveritLive API.

Twitter is a valuable source of content that can greatly enhance your real-time coverage. It’s also a great way to promote your event and drive traffic in real-time. CoveritLive does this on your behalf using hash tags you provide when creating an event. Notifications about these events automatically get broadcast from @CiL_Events as well as your own Twitter account. Users can also tweet content directly from within your event, driving more visibility and traffic through Twitter followers and search.

Twitter should be a primary tool in your live coverage but not your complete strategy. The combination of Twitter and Coveritlive creates far more compelling real-time experiences and will build strong connections with your audience. To learn more about how you can use Twitter within your CoveritLive events, check out our support center and follow us at @CoveritLive.