Publishers & broadcasters leverage CiL to deliver real-time Winter Olympics news

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By Spencer Kitley

In two weeks’ time, the 22nd Winter Olympics delivered their fair share of miraculous feats, as both great victories and disappointing defeats headlined the Games. Publishers, broadcasters and media organizations of all shapes and sizes covered everything, from two-toilet stalls, gold medal performances, to the pageantry of the closing ceremonies, and CoveritLive was there to help them deliver real-time updates. More than 900,000 viewers from countries all over the world engaged with CiL live experiences featuring coverage of just about every athletic discipline during the Games.


  • The UK and Ireland’s Eurosport led the charge with the Games’ largest event that entertained more than 180,000 viewers.
  • In the United States, Yahoo headlined daily coverage with more than a dozen experiences that entertained thousands of people and attracted as many as 140,000 viewers to figure skating coverage. Yahoo Canada also shined with the second biggest CiL experience of the Games that covered the Women’s Figure Skating long program.
  • Forty five different CoveritLive Experiences topped the 1,000 viewer mark during the Olympics.


Whether you are live blogging as a primary perspective for viewers, hosting chat events or providing a second screen Social TV experience, CoveritLive is the solution for real-time fan engagement during your next event.


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