NBA Playoffs Game Time experience entertains and informs a large fan base, not only domestically, but abroad as well. When it came time to create their postseason experience for the 2014 Playoffs, the NBA elected to use CoveritLive to power its new Second Screen experience. The league wanted to deliver a variety of different types of content into a single stream for anyone watching the game live in the United States, but also wanted to create an excellent storytelling experience that could be consumed after the game’s conclusion in its international markets. CoveritLive allowed the NBA to provide the best story possible to all of these audiences, delivering original photo, video and text content, along with relevant Twitter content and third-party statistics feeds that could all be consumed in one stream on computer, tablet or mobile device.

The custom Second Screen experience leverages the CoveritLive API to retrieve data and provide a well-curated engagement experience for every single game of the 2014 NBA Playoffs. The Producers of the experience incorporate a variety of content types into the experience, including third-party API feeds of statistics, original images and exclusive video highlights. In addition to incorporating images and videos into the stream in real-time, the NBA utilizes the EventStudio’s Insert feature to add photo and video highlights earlier in the timeline to aid in replay storytelling. In addition to third-party content, the NBA leverages the EventStudio’s robust social discovery and filtering tools to add Twitter content into its live experience

KEY FEATURES: API, Third Party API feeds, Images, Video Highlights, Twitter, Producers, Insert, Second Screen, Sports, EventStudio


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