Media Library Best Practices

The Media Library is your go-to online storage area for all of your media items. Your Media Library makes it easy to add and manage all your media content including Images, Videos, Audio, Ads, Links, Text and Polls. You can access your Media Library from your CiL Account before the event, and during the event directly from EventStudio. To make the most out of your Media Library we have compiled a list of best practices:

Preparing for an Event

  • The pace of real-time events can move quickly. That’s why it’s always a good idea to preload items into your Media Library before your event.  Simply login to your CiL account and click the “Media Library” link to get started.
  • By default the Media Library organizes your media items based on the content type (e.g. all images go in the “Images” folder) which makes it easy to find, manage and publish items during your event. Adding media items like photos or videos is one of the best ways to make a live event more interesting to your Readers.
  • If you’re preparing for a specific event and want all the different media items in a single folder (or in custom folders) then we recommend using ShowPrep. To use, simply drag and drop items from the main Media Library folders into ShowPrep before the event.

=== Did you know? ===

  • Polling questions can be created ahead of time and stored in the Polls folder so they’re ready when you need them. Polls are a great way to engage your Readers; since it gives you instant feedback and Readers love to vote on Polls!
  • In addition to traditional media, you can also add pre-written text to your Media Library in advance. This makes it easy to compile a list of questions to ask your Panelist, or to ensure you don’t forget to cover key points during your live coverage. Adding Pre-Written Text is an excellent way to prepare questions or comments for high volume events. During the event simply access it from the “Pre-written Text” folder. 
  • Looking for ways to incorporate advertising during an event? It’s easy to pre-populate your Media Library with your own inline Ads (including clickable banner ads) and then publish them on the fly.

Managing Media during an Event:

  • The EventStudio onboard Media Library (accessible from the “Media” tab) makes it easy to browse your collection of uploaded content for quick publishing during your fast paced event. Simply mouse over the item and click the publish icon (+) to share it with your Readers in real-time.
  • For large events we highly recommend inviting a Producer to help you manage your media items. By default the Writer’s Media Library is the one that appears in the EventStudio ‘Media’ tab. But if your Producer needs to access their own library (or another contributors) then they can use the top drop down menu in the Media tab which contains the names of all Writers/Producers invited to the event. Select a name to easily access that individuals Media items; and then tag or publish away as needed.
  • If you’re collaborating with others in the event we recommend using Tagging to curate and pre-approve media content prior to publishing. Writers and Producers can tag any item from their Media Library and the item will be colour-coded (vieweable by all Writers & Producers) and added to the SmartStream. For example, a Producer could tag all pre-approved media items ‘green’, making it easy for the Writer to know which ones to publish throughout the event.
  • Need to upload media files on-the-fly?  The Media Uploader gives you several ways to quickly upload any image, video, audio file from your computer during your live event. To upload files directly to your Media Library select the appropriate folder and click “Add Library Media” (from the “Media” tab).
  • If you’re in a hurry you can also upload files directly into the live event by clicking the “Add Event Media” link, which appears under the text comment box.
  • When you publish an image it’s best to add a caption for context. That’s why everytime you upload a new image in EventStudio you will also be prompted to add an optional image caption for easy workflow. You can also rotate the image and use the rich-text editor to customize the caption font size, colour and styling. 
  • Have an image that needs a quick edit? The EventStudio Image editing allows you to easily add notes, captions and rotate the image orientation so your images always look great.
  • Need to preview a video or audio clip before publishing to ensure its the right one? You can play it right from EventStudio before sharing it with your Readers.
  • If you tend to prepare for your event by adding pre-written text, you will be happy to know that you can now edit all Pre-Written Text right from EventStudio. Simply select the text item from your “Pre-Written Text” folder in your onboard Media Library and click the ‘Edit’ icon. Type in your edits and then click Save. Whenever you are ready, simply publish your text as needed.

=== Did you know? ===

  • For quick publishing you can drag and drop media items directly from your computer folder into the EventStudio comment box.
  • If you have a lot of items in your Media Library from past events you can filter your Media Library in EventStudio based on the timeframe it was added. By default “All Media” is displayed but to add a filter simply select an option such as “< 1 week old”.
  • To help manage your content and remove any unnecesssary clutter you can now permanently delete any Media item directly from the EventStudio Media Library. Simply mouse over the item and select the (-) delete icon.
  • If you have an important image or video that you want to feature you can use the new Pinning feature to add it to the Pinboard. This will highlight it in a format that is easily seen by all Readers.


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