LiveContentWall is the perfect display for Red Carpet Coverage

Readers love to follow along as celebs strut their stuff on the Red Carpet, and Oscars is the ultimate red carpet event. If you want to create a dynamic and highly visual social experience we recommend building a real-time LiveContentWall to showcase the best and worst dressed. Easily publish red carpet photos  and videos along with social content from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Use the Reply feature to add your own commentary threaded directly below each post. Invite a guest Panelist (or two) to share their thoughts and predictions.

If your running a syndicated Live Blog at the same time, you can even feature the best Reader comments on your Wall to help keep Readers engaged. LiveContentWall makes it easy to visually consolidate your social media channels, as well as add additional real-time updates to keep viewers informed.

It’s easy to create a LiveContentWall for any CoveritLive event. Using the EventDesigner your event can be displayed on your website as a “Wall” view in addition to OR as an alternative to the default Stream (Viewer Window). As with all CoveritLive events, all of your real-time content is moderated and published using EventStudio. Best of all CoveritLive let’s you set up a production ready Wall in minutes and makes it easy to automate or update so content always stays fresh.

Running an Oscar Live Blog? Tips for using CoveritLive for your next live award show coverage

Click the screenshot below to view LiveContentWall in Action!