Live: François Hollande Press Conference

As French president François Hollande held a high-profile press conference, France’s major news organizations LeMonde and France24 used CoveritLive to cover the latest live updates.

France24 created three separate events; one in French, one in English and one in Arabic. Each live event was embedded directly on the corresponding homepage – ensuring all of France24′s Readers were able to stay up-to-date.

LeMonde used the CoveritLive API to implement a Live Alert window on their homepage that automatically included key commentary from their live event. They also added a Live Event pop-up window that allowed LeMonde Readers to follow the latest real-time posts from any page of the LeMonde website. In addition LeMonde effectively used the CoveritLive Replies feature to easily reply directly to their Reader’s questions throughout the coverage. Replies is a great feature for breaking news since it allows Writers to quickly and directly answer submitted questions, and then publish both the question and answer together into the event.

Other international news organizations, such as Aftonbladet (Sweden) also used CoveritLive to cover the press-conference.