Legacy API Retirement

In the fall of 2011 CoveritLive released a major update to our API.  This included numerous improvements such as standardizing and simplifying how clients worked with endpoints, and extending API functionality to encompass virtually every component of the CoveritLive event experience.  Since then we’ve continued to extend and improve version 2 of the API, as new functionality has been added to the platform and as our customers have identified creative new ways to use it.
In order to focus our efforts on the current API we will be discontinuing maintenance to CoveritLive’s version 1 legacy APIs, effective immediately.  On September 2, 2014 access will be permanently discontinued. Subsequent requests will receive an HTTP 410 (GONE) response.  We encourage any clients who continue to use the legacy API to begin the process of porting their application to version 2. 
For more information on the CoveritLive API please visit http://www.coveritlive.com/resources/api
Please contact customer support with any questions.