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By Spencer Kitley

The latest edition of CoveritLive rolled out today, delivering an outstanding, well-rounded set of new features for users to utilize in their upcoming live chats, live blogs, social streams and LiveContentWalls. The 3.25 release features EventStudio Prep Mode that allows users to access the backend Producer console prior to launching a CiL experience, as well as several social source enhancements and an option for a “Transparent” background when designing LiveContentWalls.

Check a few notes on the new features below:

EventStudio Prep Mode: Allows Producers to open the EventStudio and access all of the features and settings without launching the live experience. We recommend using Prep Mode to customize and prepare your event in advance. Utilize Prep Mode to set up Twitter feeds, invite a Producer, search for and tag social content, upload media to the library or build a Scoreboard. When you set up your next experience, look for the yellow “Prep Mode” button to try it out. Learn More

Build Page & Event Listings: The Event Listings and Build page has been updated to remove settings (such as Twitter feeds and Panelist/Producers invites) that are better managed directly from EventStudio using the new Prep Mode. Wondering about the changes to the event listing pages or how to add a Panelist? Check out this infographic.

Mobile EventStudio: Access your account and use EventStudio directly from your Smartphone with CiL’s new Mobile EventStudio. This mobile optimized website provides access to all upcoming, live and completed events and allows Producers to build new events directly from the site. This mobile version gives Producers access to EventStudio’s advanced features including Search, SmartStream, Media, Tools, Settings and Scoreboards. Simply visit Coveritlive.com on your Smartphone and the mobile version will display by default.

Instagram Search: The new Instagram User Search allows Producers to quickly search for Instagram posts based on a username. This enhancement makes it much easier to find and publish images from a trusted Instagram account. In addition we have also added a Video Only filter for both Keyword and User Search.

LiveContentWall Transparent Option:  Did you know you can further customize your LiveContentWall by overriding the default CSS? This allows you to easily update the text color and font. In our latest release a background transparency option has been added and when it is turned ON it replaces the default grey Wall background with transparency so you can easily place the LiveContentWall on a custom background of your choice. The new “Transparent” option can be turned on or off directly from the EventDesigner.

Twitter Geo Location Update:  Enhancements to the Twitter Geo-Location feature make it easier to target searches with the Google Maps search box that features an auto-complete function. Simply start to type in the location and Google auto-complete will suggest a list of the closest matches. Select a match and the map will pinpoint that location. This enhancement ensures users can select a specific location extremely quickly. This is a powerful feature for curating location based Tweets during breaking news events. 

Twitter Search – Auto-Follow: It is now easier to automate a Twitter source right from the Search panel. Users can now click an “Auto-Follow” menu icon (by mousing over any Tweet in their search results) and the Auto-Tweet menu will open with that Twitter username already populated. From there simply set any additional filtering options and click “Add” to automate their Tweets.

Legacy Embed Code: We know some users still prefer to use the Legacy Embed code instead of the New Embed code. To help ensure those events also look great we’ve added some new Legacy Code EventDesigner options. Legacy Code now includes settings for 100% Width, Layout Style, and Replay Order.

EventDesigner Replay Order:  In the EventDesigner you can now specify a Replay order for Completed Events. By default all completed event posts appear in “Chronological” order for easy recap reading — with the oldest posts appearing first (at top) and the newest last (at bottom). If “Reverse” is selected then Completed event posts will appear in reverse chronological order — with the newest posts appearing first (at top) and the oldest last (at bottom).

Audio Auto-Play: By default published audio files don’t play until a Reader manually clicks the play button. However there are times when you might want an audio file to automatically play; such as a referee whistle or a goal sound during a game. Therefore we have added an optional “Audio Auto-Play” setting to the EventStudio Tools menu.


Read the full release notes in the What’s New? section

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