Le Monde’s custom implementations

By Spencer Kitley


Le Monde’s unique use of CoveritLive’s out of the box capabilities as well its consistent use of its API to present full customize experiences make its presentation of CiL among the best. The French publisher has utilized CiL to create custom home page implementations with expanding windows that make it easy to headline breaking news, while also hosting experiences on full article pages concurrently. Additionally, Le Monde regularly engages with its readers through a variety of live chats with experts, as well as live blog coverage of breaking news events from around the globe. The real-time moderated experiences incorporate original CoveritLive text and images, social media content and polls to connect with readers as they participate in the experience on any size device.


The custom API implementation that Le Monde often features on its home page incorporates the live commentary of multiple event Producers as they interact with readers and their comments. Producers not only engage with readers via images and the written word, but also through live polls that gauge the opinions of readers with topical questions and display bar graphs of results that appear at the top of the viewer experience. Le Monde also utilizes CoveritLive’s robust social discovery and filtration tools that allow its Producers to pull in automated and/or moderated Twitter posts, as well as content from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and a variety of other sources. 


Statistics Page Views Clicks
Situation in Ukraine 2.5 M

1.55 M

Boston Marathon Tragedy 2.3 M

1.54 M

French Elections 1.84 M

900 K

Situation in Kiev 1.25 M

778 K


Check out a video demo of the custom API implementation on the Le Monde home page

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