Introducing CoveritLive 3.30

The latest edition of CoveritLive was released today, delivering an all new set of fantastic features for users to utilize in live chats, live blogs, social streams and LiveContentWalls. The 3.30 release includes automated Instagram, verified Tweet filters, LiveContentWalls on Facebook, Pinning on LiveContentWalls and more.

  • Automated Instagram: While CoveritLive has long allowed users to search for Instagram content, many of our users have also asked for the ability to automate Instagram content (like our Auto-Tweet feature). We are very happy to announce that Auto-Instagram is here. CoveritLive’s Auto-Instagram feature makes it easy to pull in related social images during large events like award shows or public sporting events, and works well when used along with our LiveContentWall for highly visual displays. Learn More
  • Verified Tweets: Twitter is a great source for content and opinion, but it can also be hard to cut through the Twitter noise and verify trusted sources. At first glance, Twitter accounts can look legitimate (such as @OfficiaICNN) but are in fact not. To help users find trusted sources, CoveritLive now displays the verified Twitter account badge on all associated Tweets. Verification is currently used by Twitter to establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands and tends to identify trusted sources. If the Twitter account is verified then a Tweet published from that account will display the verified Tweet badge next to the user’s name. In addition users can now filter Auto-Tweet results to only show Tweets published from Verified Twitter accounts. Use it along with a hashtag or keyword to quickly curate relevant tweets published by verified accounts. Learn More
  • Pinning now on Walls: We knew that LiveContentWalls would allow for a very visually engaging live experience and to make them even better we have made Pinning available on Walls. Pinning is a great way to quickly feature important content – such as a favorite post or even an Ad. When a post is pinned to the Wall it will now persistently appear at the Top + Left; ensuring it is seen by all Readers. This is a great feature for highlighting a post or adding sponsorship. Showing Pinned items is optional and can be turned on/off from the EventDesigner as needed.
  • LiveContentWall on Facebook: LiveContentWalls allow you to create a dynamic and highly visual social wall experience for any event. Now you can choose to embed or syndicate your Wall on Facebook.
  • Scoreboard Favorite: If you are covering a local sports tournament there may be times that you want to publish several manual scoreboards, so your Readers are kept up to date on all of the latest games. But how about if you want to use multiple scoreboards, but still focus on a specific game? (For example, the home team). With our latest update you can now choose to assign one manual Scoreboard as the “favorite”. If a favorite preference is set then that Scoreboard will display by default for current and new Readers. Readers can still opt to view the other Scoreboards of course (and the other scores will still display in the scrolling Ticker), but the favorite Scoreboard will display by default (no matter when it was published). To select a favorite, simply click the star icon above the appropriate Scoreboard (the star will turn yellow when active). Learn More
  • RSS Styling Updates: CoveritLive understands how important it is to be able to publish third party content. That’s why EventStudio includes a built-in RSS Reader. Simply enter the RSS Feed URL into the RSS Search tab and the stream below will populate with the RSS content. If your organization has it’s own RSS news feed this is an easy way to publish fresh content during your live event. Plus it’s a quick way to incorporate Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr content. Up till now our RSS feeds looked a bit basic, so we improved the styling and to ensure RSS content, including images, look great.
  • Photo Gallery Updates: Readers love big bold images. With our new Live Gallery feature your Readers can click on any published image (including those posted via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) to view the image at full size. In the latest release our Live Gallery received a mini makeover to ensure the photo captions look as great as the images.
  • API Updates: The CoveritLive API is routinely used by many of our biggest clients and powers live experiences around the world. In this release we have added API Instagram video support, so that published Instagram videos automatically appear inline.
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