International audience engages with CoveritLive for Super Bowl Second Screen

By Spencer Kitley

The 2014 edition of the National Football League’s Super Bowl shined brightly, not only in the United States, but around the world as well. Super Bowl XLVIII attracted television viewers and second screen viewers across the globe, who tuned in to watch their favorite players, evaluate the slate of commercial advertisements or enjoy the halftime spectacle. This year’s big game proved to be a truly international event as 400,000 viewers in at least six countries joined CoveritLive experiences during the game, while 25 different CiL events attracted 1,000 or more viewers.

News outlets from the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Brazil Italy and more launched CoveritLive experiences that included firsthand expert live blogs, interactive chats with reporters and real-time social streams. The game featured experiences by Yahoo, NFL, Aftonbladet, Expressen, CTV, TSN, Eurosport and others sharing thoughts on everything about the game action, to commercials, halftime wardrobe and the impressive performance by the Seattle Seahawks. 

The NFL’s engaged with fans not only on game day, but throughout Super Bowl week as well. The site featured wall-to-wall coverage, featuring everything from media day, to press conferences and all of the antics surrounding the week that was.  The Denver Broncos also used CoveritLive on their team site for live chat and fan comments during Sunday’s game.

As you prepare to cover the next big international sporting event or local breaking news event in your area, CoveritLive is your solution for delivering accurate real-time information to your readers or viewers. Use CiL’s LiveContentWalls for a highly-visual display of photo and text, engage users with relevant social media content in a social stream, answer submitted questions in a Q&A session with one of your reporters or provide real-time commentary with a live blog.                                                                            Yahoo Sports

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