Guide to live blogging Apple’s iPhone 6 announcement

CoveritLive has all of the tools necessary to make your next live blogging experience a great success. As you prepare to deliver real-time reports of the highly-anticipated upcoming Apple product announcements on Tuesday, Sept. 9 keep this blog post handy as a resource. Below are a few best practices and tips to utilize when Apple announces its next big innovations.


Best Practices for live blogging Apple’s upcoming release

  • EventDesigner: After deciding if you want to host a stream or LiveContentWall experience, we suggest selecting 100% width and infinite height for the height and width of the embed. The 100% width provides responsive design, while the infinite height delivers a more native look and feel on your web site.
  • Prep Mode: In advance of launching your CoveritLive experience the new EventStudio Prep Mode provides full access to the EventStudio without launching the event to the public.
    • Send Producer and Panelist invitations
    • Publish content into the live experience prior to launching it as a live event
    • Set Twitter and Instagram filters for automation or moderation to the SmartStream
    • Upload images, videos, prewritten text and more to the EventStudio onboard Media Library
    • Create Polls or publish LiveScores scoreboards to your experience
    • Discover social content via the search column. Add social content from search to the SmartStream or set Twitter geo-location filters to utilize during the live experience.
  • Adding Images: There are a variety of different ways to incorporate images into your live experience.
    • Pull in image directly from your desktop via the EventStudio’s ‘Add/Event Media’ feature
    • Utilize the Contributor Email Address that is unique to your event to allow event Producers to submit content directly into the CiL experience through email.
    • Incorporate Instagram or Twitter images into your live experience by using the EventStudio’s filtration and discovery tools.
  • Replies:  Publish a response to any reader comment, Tweet, image or media item with the “Reply” feature. Use the “Reply” feature when hosting a Q&A session to directly answer submitted questions, and then publish both the question and answer together into the experience.
  • Pinning: Feature important content by pinning it to the top of your experience. Pin an introduction to your experience, important article link, key update or add an important video or image. Pinning makes it easy to highlight information in an easy-to-see display.
  • Mobile EventStudio: The new Mobile EventStudio gives users access to an optimized version of our powerful management console. This version is built to be mobile-friendly while still including access to all of EventStudio’s advanced features including Prep Mode, Search, SmartStream, Media, Tools, Settings, and Scoreboards.
  • Polls: Launch multiple polls ruing your experience by simply typing in a poll questions and up to six poll answers. Polls are an excellent way to engage with readers and gauge their sentiment. You can have an unlimited number of polls running at one time and all of their results will update in real time.

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