Grow Readership by hosting a regularly Scheduled Event

CoveritLive is invaluable for major event coverage and breaking news. But it’s also an excellent tool for hosting regularly scheduled events such as daily and weekly discussion topics. Since your readers always know when to “tune in”-  a daily or weekly live event is a great way to build your readership and grow an online community. It also creates a unique online experience; ideal for covering a weekly TV show, scheduled game, ‘ask the editor’ segment or for generating discussion on local topics.

CoveritLive’s reader moderation tools make it easy to host an engaging on-topic discussion, allowing you to avoid the pitfalls of an unmoderated open chat which can often spirial out of control. Quick Polls are also a great way to involve all Readers, even those who may be too timid to submit a comment.

If you want to turn your daily or weekly readership into a much larger number then CoveritLive also provides instant syndication. Simply provide the embed code from your event to as many other websites and blogs as you like. This lets your partners keep their readers on their own site while opening up your live event to a wider audience. Imagine sharing a scheduled event across a network, or multiple newspaper sites.  Alternatively for ongoing events, use the CoveritLive Ticker as a permanent editorial window for 24/7 “always on” live commentary. We believe this type of continuous real-time commentary has become an integral part of online news coverage and can contribute a key part to your audience growth strategy.

Not sure where to get started? Here’s a few examples of CoveritLive users who currently host a daily or weekly event:

L.A. Times – Daily Dish, L.A. Now Live

LA Times runs multiple scheduled events such as their Daily Dish Live food discussion, and their L.A Now Daily Conversation which covers various local news topics. Daily Dish answers the age old question of – what should I eat today?  And the Daily Conversation takes an in-depth look at local news topics with a variety of experts. Recent topics include the drama surrounding San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, the increased violence in Pomona, and an in-depth discussion about the deadly hit-and-run on the Venice Beach boardwalk.



USA Today – Critics Corner Chat

Back by popular demand, USA Today has resumed their weekly TV chat with critic Robert Bianco (@BiancoRobert). This popular event takes place Mondays at 2pm EST and invites Readers to Talk live about the best and worst of this season’s TV lineup. Readers participate in the discussion using either the CoveritLive comment box, or by using the Twitter hashtag #askbianco. The event is launched prior to the 2pm discussion, allowing Readers to leave a comment or question in advance.


Ashbury Park Press  – Talk to Us (a Gannett company) features a permanent Ticker right on their homepage, inviting Readers to engage in conversation. The APP “Talk to Us” Ticker also features real-time news and Tweets using the CiL Auto-Tweet feature.


CBC Saskatoon – Live Morning Chat

Every morning at 6am Matt Kruchak (@MattKruchakCBC), online host of CBC’s Saskatoon Morning, invites readers to participate in the discussion of a daily topic using CoveritLive. This interactive format allows Readers and guest Panelists to share their views on a wide variety of local topics. Recent discussions include debates about the politics of pot, University credentials, local property taxes, and police procedures.