Feature implementation: Wildlife Live Cams & Chats

By Spencer Kitley

Over the years CoveritLive has become increasingly aware of our readers interest in wild animals habits as adults, but particularly as babies.  A quick thought, would be ‘that’s an interesting thing for a real-time events platform to learn.’ However, as rescue organizations, wildlife centers and other refuges have begun using CoveritLive alongside live wildlife cameras fans have become more and more engaged with the habits and overall cuteness of these animals.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia allows its Critter Cam viewers a peek into its habitats for its Bald Eaglet, as well as its Black Bear cubs. The International Bird Rescue organization provides viewers with a view into the cages of a variety of young chicks, while Sweden’s Helahalsingland delivers a nest view of bird hatchings.

The live chat’s that the organizations pair with the live cams allow viewers to make comments and ask questions about the birds or animals that they are watching.  Event Producers utilize CiL’s advanced moderation capabilities to seamlessly organize the answering of questions and quickly provide insightful and educational answers. The chats are enhanced with content from CoveritLive’s media uploader that gives Producers the ability to upload still images or even archived video clips of the critters or their habitats.

Additionally, these organizations take advantage of CoveritLive’s Quick Polls that provide an opportunity to conduct live polls on the fly to easily check the sentiment of the viewers on a variety of topics. The producers can also pose trivia questions in an effort to help further educate the event viewers.

The NewsFlash is one more section that is utilized by Producers to deliver important links, text, HTML or key reference material in a persistent place just below the Viewer Window.

Add a little boost to any engaging video streams by infusing the overall experience with an accompanying CoveritLive chat that supplies an excellent secondary interactive experience.

Check out some examples:

International Bird Rescue
Wildlife Center of Virginia Critter Cam 1
Wildlife Center of Virginia Critter Cam 2
Swedish bird hatching

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