Feature Implementation: Thanksgiving Travel by Weather.com

By Spencer Kitley

This weekend millions of Americans across the United States will take to the roads or airways to visit loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. However, with inclement weather throughout much of the U.S. travel may prove to be a challenged and that is why Weather.com is providing a Thanksgiving Travel live chat with the Weather Channel’s Meteorologists leading up to the holiday.

The Weather Channel is covering this week’s tricky holiday travel as Winter Storm Boreas brings snow, ice, rain and thunderstorms to a large portion of the South and East. The weather leader is leveraging CiL to provide live updates from their staff meteorologists as well as important info from various bureaus of the National Weather Service around the country.

The custom-skinned live experience allows travelers to get up-to-the-minute information about their area or destination by submitting questions to the meteorologist team, which are answered promptly via CiL’s new Replies feature. Additionally, travelers can see a steady stream of reliable Twitter and Instagram content in the stream, in addition to storm photos and weather map images. For those travelers that prefer to only see images, they can consume all of the images in the experience regardless of their source in a Slide Show by clicking on a specific image and browsing the gallery.  

Check out the live CoveritLive chat now

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