CoveritLive Weekly: Top five social TV events (Oct. 1-7)

By Spencer Kitley

After the NFL’s Thursday Night Football Social TV coverage topped the charts for each of the past three weeks, there is new No. 1 on the weekly CoveritLive Social TV rankings. slipped to the second spot in the ratings this week as Eurosport ascended to the top position with its coverage of the Rallye de France. NFL football, including two Chicago Bears’ games notched slots in the top five as well, while Aftonbladet’s coverage of the U.S. Presidential debate rounded out the rankings.

The 2012 Rallye de France was the 11th round of the 2012 World Rally Championship season in Strasbourg, France. Eurosport’s live chat that accompanied the event entertained more than 80,000 viewers as French driver Sebastien Loeb claimed victory.’s Social TV experience for Thursday Night Football has been a hit with its fans so far this season, posting the best CiL Social TV results during the first three Thursday’s of the season, and it shined once again this week despite not claiming the top spot. More than 60,000 viewers got social last Thursday during the Rams upset of the previously unbeaten Cardinals to push the site’s four-week viewer total well over 400,000.

The Chicago Bears earned a spot in the top five for the second time this season after drawing an audience in excess of 40,000 to its live game day chat for its tilt with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. The Bears were also the subject of the fourth-largest event of the week, as more than 40,000 viewers joined ESPN NFL Nation’s live coverage of last Monday’s Bears victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

The U.S. Presidential debates were very popular among Social TV viewers last week and the popularity was not reserved to a domestic audience. Swedish publisher, Aftonbladet drew more than 40,000 viewers to its live chat coverage of the debate and illustrated the global impact of domestic events on the international Social TV audience.  

*The CoveritLive blog releases its weekly social TV rankings every Monday. The data for the ranking system is exclusive to events that are tied to a television broadcast and the viewer metric is defined as a reader that actively clicks into a CiL event.




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NFL Thursday Night Football: Cardinals vs. Rams




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