CoveritLive Weekly: Top five Social TV events (April 1-7)

By Spencer Kitley

This week’s edition of the CoveritLive weekly Social TV rankings is blanketed from top to bottom with a sampling of sporting events from around the United States, Canada and France. The National Hockey League’s trading deadline proved to be the hottest topic of the week, while the WWE’s Wrestlemania and Champions League soccer joined hockey, which owned three of the top five spots.

Canadian broadcaster, TSN topped the charts for the week with its live TradeCentre blog that provided up-to-the-minute information and commentary on the NHL trade deadline. The event hosted by Canadian TV personality, Jay Onrait attracted an audience of almost 146,000 viewers.

Similarly, the NHL posted monster numbers with its live coverage of the trade deadline on Analysts and reporters from the NHL Network delivered insightful analysis throughout the event as they engaged with more than 141,000 viewers.

Claiming the third spot in the weekly rankings was the WWE, which hosted a live chat during its showcase event, Wrestlemania. An audience in excess of 71,000 viewers got social as fan-favorite John Cena reclaimed the WWE championship belt in the Wrestlemania 29 main event.

French broadcaster, France24 landed in the fourth position for the week with its live event coverage of the Champions League showdown between Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona. Almost 70,000 viewers joined the conversation as the match ended in draw, but saw Barcelona advance into the championship semifinals via a tiebreaker formula.

Earning the final spot in Social TV rankings was Canadian broadcaster, CBC, which once again shined with its Hockey Night in Canada second screen dashboard experience. The event entertained almost 20,000 viewers during its nightly slate of NHL games.

*The CoveritLive blog releases its weekly social TV rankings every Monday. The data for the ranking system is exclusive to events that are tied to a television broadcast and the viewer metric is defined as a reader that actively clicks into a CiL event.



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