CoveritLive supports record audience of 2.5 million for Apple announcement

By Spencer Kitley

The Apple press event on Wednesday, Sept. 12 set a new Apple event record for CoveritLive as 2.5 million technophiles used CiL live blogs to follow every detail of the iPhone5 announcement in San Francisco, Calif.

Almost 100 publishers and broadcasters, including Yahoo/ABC, MacWorld, Bild, Aftonbladet, The Street, Applesfera, Motley Fool and the San Francisco Chronicle, used CoveritLive to live blog the Apple Announcement with photos and commentary from the invitation-only event.

Keynote Notables:

• CoveritLive supported an audience of 2.5 million readers during Apple’s announcement of its newest iPhone, iOS and iPod releases.

• German publisher, Bild’s live blog of the announcement drew the largest audience of any event, attracting more than 656,000 readers.

• Yahoo teamed with ABC to run a live blog of the Apple release and captured the attention of more than 600,000 CoveritLive readers.

• The top 10 live blog events attracted an average of 251,000 readers per-event.

• Readers that engaged in the top three Apple events stayed in the event for an average duration of 36 minutes.

• MacWorld and Aftonbladet drew the third and fourth-highest reader totals respectively, combining to interact with more than 555,000 readers.

In a reflection of the international interest in Apple’s newest product updates, publications from countries around the world attended Apple’s event and offered live coverage of the news to their audiences back home. Spanish technology web site, Applesfera attracted the fifth-largest audience and the third-biggest international viewer total, drawing more than 175,000 readers to its live blog. Belgian, Brazilian, German, Danish, Swedish, French and Italian publishers claimed places among the top 15. 

CoveritLive proved to be the preferred social solution for live blogs of all scopes and sizes during Apple’s landmark iPhone event. The next time you need a real time live blogging, Social TV or chat event solution, take CoveritLive for a spin and see why it is the answer for so many others.

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