CoveritLive rolls out fully-redesigned viewer experience and much more with new release

The latest edition of CoveritLive was released this week, delivering a fully-modernized viewer experience, known simply as ‘Stream,’ that provides readers a contemporary design and an all new look and feel. The Stream features a complete overhaul of the out-of-the-box CoveritLive skin and also includes remodeled polling and LiveScores. The 3.5 release also introduces Twitter and Instagram word and phrase blacklist filters, as well as new search functionality for Facebook pages.

  • Stream: Stream is the entirely redesigned CoveritLive viewer experience that takes the overall aesthetics of CiL experiences to the next level. The new viewer experience includes a new standard skin that includes a contemporary new look for all content types. All newly launched events with a standard CiL template (using the new embed code or the legacy embed code) will benefit from the new look. Users can add personality and identity to their events by using the bold new Keyframe images to headline their CoveritLive experiences. Keyframes can be uploaded, changed or removed within the EventDesigner portion of the event setup page (Note: If users wish to update the Keyframe to another image during the live experience, they will need to update their web site with the new embed code after changing out the Keyframe)  Sample Stream with Infinite HeightSample Stream with FIxed Height

CoveritLive Stream with Keyframe image

  •  Polls & LiveScores: The Stream release also includes fully reimagined and modern updates to the LiveScores and Polls features. The LiveScores scoreboards have a new cleaner look and feel, as well as options for condensed display and a linear stacked scoreboard option that allows readers to view multiple scoreboards from around the league or conference. Polls have long been one of the most popular CoveritLive features and the new release gives them a makeover that includes a cleaner votes/results interface.
Polls redesign

Polls redesign

LiveScores redesign

LiveScores redesign











  •  Completed Event Management: It’s now possible to manage/remove the Pins, Polls, Scoreboards and Newsflashes attached to your completed events. Removing content is simple and can be easily accessed via the ‘Edit Entries’ link on the specified event within the Completed Events listing.
  • Twitter/Instagram Keyword Filters (Blacklist):Easily exclude inappropriate, offensive or unwanted content from your automated Twitter and Instagram sources using the new keyword filter. Just define a list of words or phrases you would like to exclude, and all content (Instagram or Twitter) containing them will be omitted from your live experience or SmartStream.

Social Automation Keyword Filters (Blacklist)

  • Facebook Enhancements: CoveritLive’s Facebook integration has been improved yet again and now includes the ability to search specific Facebook Pages and Comments when searching for content. Users will be able to enter the Facebook Page Name (e.g. MLB) and the auto complete will help find the related page(s). This new feature will allow users to source both Posts and comments from a specific Facebook Page.
Facebook Page and comments search

Facebook Page and comments search

  • LiveContentWall fixed number of columns: In the past, users have implemented the LiveContentWall with either 100% width which sized to a container or a fixed width, but with either experience the number of columns was determined by the amount of space allotted. Now users can manually specify how many columns should appear on a LCW for better display control. This is very useful for on-premise displays, video boards and even in-article implementations. The change can be made by simply tweaking the embed code’s ‘Number of Columns’ from ‘Auto’ to a fixed number.

LiveContentWall column quantity adjustments

  • RSS Images to LiveGallery: In addition to viewing native images, Twitter and Instagram images in a LiveGallery, users can now also view RSS images in LiveGallery displays.
  • Custom templates/skins: Existing CoveritLive custom templates and skins will continue to be supported, but will not reap the benefits of the new Stream enhancements. In order to enjoy the benefits of the new Stream, users will need to select one of the standard CoveritLive templates when setting up their experiences.
  • Sunset of Newsflash & Trivia: The 3.5 release includes the sunset of two out-of-date features, Newsflash and Trivia. In Aug. 2013, CoveritLive’s 3.10 release included the EventStudio’s Pinning feature, which quickly became the preferred use case for highlighting content and thus quickly out-dating the Newsflash. Often underutilized CoveritLive’s Trivia feature has been sunset as well, but do not fret because the polling functionality can still be used to ask intriguing trivia questions.
  • CSS Customization: Users wanting to customize the look and feel of their live experiences can now make adjustments to the embed code for a more unique look and feel. The ‘Configuration’ portion of the embed code can be replaced with a CSS URL to achieve the desired display. The sample embed codes below highlight the ‘Configuration’ section that can be altered for custom CSS. The user would change the existing text that is shown in bold with cssURL and its value set to the location of a CSS file somewhere on the web.

Regular Embed Code

<div style=’display:none;’>Live Blog CSS Example</div><div id=’cil-root-stream-x70a108e6e’ class=’cil-root’><span class=’cil-config-data’ title=’{“altcastCode”:”x70a108e6e”,”server”:””,”geometry”:{“width”:”fit”,”height”:550},”configuration”:{“newEntryLocation”:”top”,”commentLocation”:”top”,”replayContentOrder”:”chronological”,”pinsGrowSize”:”on”,”titlePage”:”off”,”skinOverride”:””,”embedType”:”stream”,”titleImage”:”/templates/coveritlive/images/buildPage/NewsImage.jpg”}}’>&nbsp;</span></div><script type=’text/javascript’>window.cilAsyncInit = function() {cilEmbedManager.init()};(function() {if (window.cilVwRand === undefined) { window.cilVwRand = Math.floor(Math.random()*10000000); }var e = document.createElement(‘script’);e.async = true;var domain = (document.location.protocol == ‘http:’ || document.location.protocol == ‘file:’) ? ‘’ : ‘’;e.src = domain + ‘/vw.js?v=’ + window.cilVwRand; = ‘cilScript-x70a108e6e’;document.getElementById(‘cil-root-stream-d70a108e6e’).appendChild(e);}());</script>

Embed with Custom CSS

<div style=’display:none;’>Live Blog CSS Example</div><div id=’cil-root-stream-x70a108e6e’ class=’cil-root’><span class=’cil-config-data’ title=’{“altcastCode”:”x70a108e6e”,”server”:””,”geometry”:{“width”:”fit”,”height”:550},”configuration”:{“cssURL”:””,”newEntryLocation”:”top”,”commentLocation”:”top”,”replayContentOrder”:”chronological”,”pinsGrowSize”:”on”,”titlePage”:”off”,”skinOverride”:””,”embedType”:”stream”,”titleImage”:”/templates/coveritlive/images/buildPage/NewsImage.jpg”}}’>&nbsp;</span></div><script type=’text/javascript’>window.cilAsyncInit = function() {cilEmbedManager.init()};(function() {if (window.cilVwRand === undefined) { window.cilVwRand = Math.floor(Math.random()*10000000); }var e = document.createElement(‘script’);e.async = true;var domain = (document.location.protocol == ‘http:’ || document.location.protocol == ‘file:’) ? ‘’ : ‘’;e.src = domain + ‘/vw.js?v=’ + window.cilVwRand; = ‘cilScript-d70a108e6e’;document.getElementById(‘cil-root-stream-x70a108e6e’).appendChild(e);}());</script>

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