CoveritLive releases LiveContentWalls, EventDesigner and more

By Spencer Kitley

CoveritLive is proud to announce the release of LiveContentWalls, a new format for consuming live content and EventDesigner, a new system for creating diverse forms of real-time engagement. LiveContentWalls (LCWs) make it easy to create a dynamic and highly-visual social wall experience for any live event. Curate social content from Twitter, Instagram and other social media, and publish along with your own original comments and images. All LCW posts are displayed instantly in a tiled wall format similar to those seen on Pinterest and other social sites. Complementing the new format is the EventDesigner, which provides users a quick and intuitive system for creating and configuring live experiences.

Just like any other CoveritLive experience, all of the LCW real-time content is curated and published using EventStudio. Walls can be used to consolidate social channels into a single social media hub, while adding additional real-time updates to provide a complete story around a particular topic, event or story. LCWs are a great way to display social media feeds, create a Tweet Wall, provide a visual display of a hashtag campaign or create a social photo wall.

The new CoveritLive EventDesigner, allows users to easily customize all of their live event experiences. With only a few clicks they can use the EventDesigner (available when building the event) to generate the experience that best fits their needs. EventDesigner includes multiple display options, including the ability to customize dimensions , appearance and content types. When users change any of the options, the generated event embed code is automatically updated. Users can generate as many different versions of the embed code as required; allowing them to easily syndicate their event, or to display multiple views of the same event. For example, by using the new View setting users can display their event as a real-time Stream (published content appears in a linear view) and as a LiveContentWall (published content appears in tiled social wall format). With EventDesigner it’s incredibly easy for anyone to build an engaging live experience. 


Several customers, including Dell, Comcast Sports Northeast and the Arizona Republic are already utilizing the new LiveContentWalls.

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