CoveritLive Blogs and LiveScores are a hole-in-one for Masters coverage

By Spencer Kitley

The 2014 golf season is in full swing and beginning this weekend the first of the four majors kicks off at Augusta National. The Masters tourney is the first big opportunity of the season to engage with golf fans and viewers through CoveritLive real-time engagement experiences. CoveritLive live blogs, chats and socials streams coupled with LiveScores automated scoreboards allow broadcasters, publishers and golf bloggers around the world to interact with golf fans with ease as each tournament unfolds., The Golf Channel, CBS Sports’ Eye on Golf and many other sites leverage CiL’s powerful feature set for live event coverage of not only the major tourneys, but the entire PGA Tour calendar. Each round of a tourney provides the opportunity for both, networks and publications to interact with fans through a live blog, social stream or live chat experience that includes a content from a variety of sources, including original commentary, Q&A, Twitter content, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, YouTube videos, native images, polls and more.

CoveritLive producers can incorporate leaderboards that display; player name, position in the field, scores for the day, scores for the tourney and scores thru each player’s current hole. Additionally, readers can easily scroll through the player list with easy-to-use navigation and can even select specific players to highlight and watch in the scrolling ticker at the top of the leaderboard.

Don’t have time to host a moderated live experience? Utilize CoveritLive’s Twitter filtration tools to create an automated social stream and pair it with a LiveScores scoreboard for a fantastic engagement experience that doesn’t require a dedicated producer during the event.

Whether you are live blogging as a primary perspective for viewers, hosting chat events or providing a second screen experience, CoveritLive can be the answer to real-time fan engagement during your next event.

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