Adjustments to click tracking coming June 1

In recent months, the CoveritLive team has been analyzing how the overall use of CoveritLive has evolved and how that relates to the data we record for engaged viewers or “clicks.” During this process, we uncovered cases where our method of tracking was understating the number of live engaged readers. To rectify this, we have tested some adjustments and decided to tweak the tracking and reporting of clicks in certain scenarios.

What’s the change?
On June 1st, we will update how we track and report clicks for Events and Tickers that do not include a Title Page. With the change, we will start counting a view as a click once the user has been on a page with CoveritLive viewing live updates for one (1) minute or longer and has not already engaged with the Event or Ticker.

If you run your experiences with Title Pages, you will not see any difference. If you normally disable the Title Page, you will likely see an increase in the number clicks reported in the CiL Stats and Analytics starting in June. The reporting moving forward should provide you a more accurate representation of your audience allowing you to better represent the impact of your experiences to advertisers, sponsors and colleagues.

Why the change?
When there is not a Title Page, users can follow along, receiving live updates without ever interacting with the window and without actually registering a click. This means the total live clicks for Events and Tickers without a Title Page in CoveritLive Stats and Analytics is frequently lower than the number of users who were actually engaged with the live content.

After the change, users will still get live updates as soon as they encounter the page and if they click into the viewer window, they will immediately register a click, but if they follow along without clicking, they will now register a click once they stay on the page for one (1) minute or longer.

We believe this adjustment will more accurately reflect the live readers actually engaged with your experiences. It’s important to note that this change only impacts Events and Tickers without a Title Page so if you prefer to use the Title Page (either because it provides a great sponsorship opportunity or because you want to more explicitly track clicks), you can continue to do so and will see no change. Other forms of click tracking will remain consistent as well.

Why do we track clicks anyway?
CoveritLive bases usage tracking primarily on clicks – the number of users who engage with the live content – because we think it best represents the audience impact of your experience. Not every page view that includes a CiL experience represents someone actually following along. And while the duration or number of minutes users are engaged with your experience is very important for you and your opportunity to monetize the experience, we don’t want to discourage you from running long, highly-engaging experiences. Clicks are a one-time recognition of engaged users limited to only those who interact with the window and/or are in the experience for an extended period of time, working similarly to a performance ad unit.

A complete breakdown of how clicks are tracked is available in our Support Center and in the FAQs. We always welcome feedback so if you have questions about this change or anything else, please contact us at

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