CiL Feature Implementation: TV 2’s Bieber in Norway Live

By Spencer Kitley

International pop sensation Justin Bieber has struck a chord with fans in Norway and TV 2, the largest Norwegian commercial TV station has met the needs of fans with its Bieber in Norway Live! dashboard. The unique implementation capitalizes on the power of CoveritLive with a pair of live experiences that accompany live video and archived videos from his concert tour.

The fully interactive engagement dashboard allows fans to freely submit comments, questions and photos in the CiL chat window on the left side of the page. Event producers can respond to comments or questions or interject news and commentary into the experience. Additionally, TV 2 has also utilized CiL polls to allow fans to vote on various topics, such as, ‘Favorite Justin Bieber Song.’

The CiL window on the right side of the page is dedicated solely to gathering relevant Twitter and Instagram content. This window can pull in automated or moderated Twitter content from specific usernames or hashtags or the event producer can manually select Twitter content for insertion. The EventStudio’s robust social search tools allow the producer to manually search hashtags, keywords and usernames in Twitter and Instagram and seamlessly publish the content into the event. TV 2’s social stream displays the best content from fans’ social media posts and provides fans with images and information from Bieber’s tour.

The social stream along with the live chat experience and the dashboard video, provide an excellent multi-faceted, easy-to-use, interactive experience for Bieber enthusiasts.

Check out Bieber in Norway Live! here

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