CiL Feature Implementation: Marvel’s Thor-The Dark World Premiere

By Spencer Kitley

Millions of people around the world are fans of all things Marvel, including comic books, video games, action figures, TV shows and above all else, movies. The rabid fan base that anxiously awaits anything and everything from Spiderman, to The Avengers, to Iron Man and now the second installment of Thor needs a way to engage with Marvel’s biggest events. Marvel’s site effectively leveraged CoveritLive to deliver real-time commentary, images, social content and so much more during the Thor: The Dark World red carpet premiere event.

Marvel has conducted great Q&A chats around marquee events and releases in the past, but live coverage of the Thor premiere takes the next step in providing a live up-to-the-minute feed from the red carpet. The live blog implementation plays a key role in the engagement experience that pairs a CiL event with a live streaming video. CoveritLive allows Marvel fans to submit comments, questions and images, while a team of Marvel Producers use the EventStudio to provide a moderated chat experience.

Marvel also utilized CiL polls to allow fans to vote on various topics, such as, ‘How many times will you see the new Thor movie?’ The graphic display of the polls at the bottom of the event, as well as in the stream of content gave viewers a pulse of the sentiment of their fellow fans. The event also incorporated Twitter content from specified usernames or hashtags that were pre-moderated or automatically pulled into the event. The EventStudio’s robust social search tools give the Producer the additional ability to manually search hashtags, keywords and usernames in Twitter and Instagram and seamlessly publish the content into the event.

Key Statistic: Event viewers engaged with the blog an average of 55.5 minutes per-visit.

Check out the Thor Premiere replay


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