Check out ways to utilize CoveritLive 3.10’s new features

By Spencer Kitley

The CoveritLive team is very proud to announce the release of CoveritLive 3.10 which provides users with several new features that will undoubtedly improve the way they run live events. Among many things, 3.10 has added a new Pinning functionality that provides the ability to select important pieces of content for persistent display at the top of the event, while its new embed code allows for further customization of the Viewer Window and delivers desktop and mobile events with responsive design.

Using Pinning, the new embed code and responsive design support:

How can I utilize Pinning?

Pinning is a great way to quickly feature important content during your live event by simply pinning it to the top of the Viewer Window for persistent display. This means that you can pin any type of content to the top of the event, including a live streaming video player, important links and pieces of social content or images. The ability to pin a file video or live video at the top of the Viewer Window allows you to create an all-in-one engagement experience that pairs the video and CoveritLive event in the same embed. If you do not have live video to use, pinning is perfect for news clips and instant replays in game coverage.

If video isn’t relevant or available you can feature key updates, links to summary articles, key photos or compelling content from social media. Pinning also provides the producer with the ability to augment coverage with reference content. The producer can use pinning to highlight a key article, add a map to the location of an event or embed a document, audio file or live chart to further provide context for the live event.


What is the best use of the new embed code? How can I leverage the responsive dimensions?

CoveritLive recently launched a new enhanced Embed Code. The advantage of this new script-based embed code (over the legacy embed code) is that it can be easily customized to change the dimensions and the appearance of the Viewer Window. The new flexible embed allows Producers to embed different sized widgets that are displayed in a variety of ways. This is ideal for syndicating the same event to multiple sites with a different look and feel or for running multiple experiences for the same event either on a dedicated page, as a home page sidebar or other implementation.

The new customizable responsive display allows event hosts to toggle settings for infinite height and scrolling and for 100% width. These dimension settings help ensure that your event looks great on all screen sizes and automatically adjusts the width of the Viewer Window according to the container size on your website or mobile site. This responsive design provides readers consuming your event on desktops, tablets and mobile devices an equally great experience no matter the size of their devices screen.


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