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ULTA Beauty

ULTA Beauty is the largest beauty retailer in the United States and it prides itself on providing affordable indulgence to its customers by combining unmatched product breadth, value and convenience. Recently they showed their dedication to engaging with their customers as well, by hosting a Carols Daughter Live Chat, which allowed customers and potential users to chat directly with the natural beauty product line’s founder, Lisa Price. The Carols Daughter products are one of the more popular lines at ULTA and the ultaopportunity to connect with Price was a natural fit for the retailer’s customers and prospective users.

CoveritLive served as the perfect conduit for connecting ULTA customers with Carols Daughter users in a well-curated Live Chat experience that provided exclusive access to the product line’s founder. The ULTA team executed on all levels, beginning with their implementation that featured an EventDesigner embed code that utilized Infinite Height. CoveritLive’s embeds support responsive design and allow customers to join the conversation from virtually anywhere, via desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

The ULTA team delivered an excellent experience by leveraging all of the EventStudio’s robust set of tools for hosting a fully-moderated chat. The team selected and tagged questions for response in the EventStudio. Price then utilized the Replies feature to answer questions that were published in a single thread with both the question and answer. Following Price’s answers about specific products, the ULTA team published product images that were hyperlinked to the corresponding ULTA product page via the Media Library’s rich text editor. Additionally, the Media Library was used to store a variety of Carols Daughter YouTube demonstration videos that were sprinkled into the stream throughout the experience. The ULTA production team also incorporated relevant Twitter content into the chat that they selected by using CiL’s Twitter moderation filters.

The interactivity of the chat and the accompanying content from the media library, social sources and more made the experience highly engaging and a tremendous success for the United States’ beauty retail leader.

Readers engaged an average of 46.7 minutes per-visit during the Carols Daughter Live Chat

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Ulta Beauty's Carols Daughter Live Chat

Ulta Beauty’s Carols Daughter Live Chat

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