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Sports Illustrated’s is an American magazine news site that focuses not only on the PGA Tour, but also on the sport of golf as a whole. has a dedicated fan base and it effectively leverages CoveritLive to deliver live interactive experiences to fans and golfers around the globe. Golf’s live event coverage and companion screen experiences allow golf fans to engage with live, real-time information on-the-go, at work or at home. The live blogs are ideal for those readers not watching live, but they can also provide an outstanding Social TV experience for those that are watching on television. Additionally, Golf utilizes CoveritLive on weekdays to conduct live chats with swing experts, golf course aficionados and more.


Golf’s live blog coverage of all four rounds of each PGA tour stop allow readers to receive live, up-to-the-minute commentary of the tourney that is enhanced by polls and photos from the Media Library. CoveritLive’s strong moderation tools provide viewers with a clean, easy-to-read, interactive experience that they can easily check-in with, while at work during the weekday rounds or as a second screen during the tourney’s final two rounds. For its midweek chat events, Golf takes questions from readers and is able to answer questions quickly and efficiently using CiL’s SmartStream functionality and content tagging capability. Golf effectively monetizes its events by using the CoveritLive pre-event video advertising features. Additionally, Golf incorporates CiL’s LiveScores scoreboards into its events to provide fans with up-to-the-minute leaderboards. 


• Averaged more than 101K active readers in each of the last five Major Championships

• Readers engage an average of 31.4 minutes per-visit

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