Case Study: MacWorld’s Apple event coverage


Every major announcement by consumer electronics leader, Apple Inc. draws a large amount of interest from Apple fans and electronics, software and computer consumers around the globe. The events provide a firsthand look into the latest products via an invitation-only presentation. MacWorld continually attends these announcements that do not supply live streaming video to the public and CoveritLive provides them with the means to deliver real-time updates to the masses, live from the event. The live event coverage of the Apple presentations provide tech consumers with the opportunity to read live commentary from their homes, offices or mobile devices, while also viewing up-to-the-minute photos from the live event.


Live blog coverage of the Apple product announcements provide readers with live play-by-play updates of the presentation, including quotes and reporter commentary. In addition to the text updates, event producers can incorporate live images to allow readers to see the visuals of new products being displayed on the projection screen at the event. The images can be pulled in directly from the producer’s desktop, via the Media Library or through CoveritLive’s email commenting feature. Following the announcement, MacWorld producers then utilize CoveritLive’s moderated chat experience for live Q&A to answer reader comments or questions. This also allows MacWorld an opportunity to pose poll questions about the products announced during the presentation or to gauge sentiment about Apple’s announcements.


• More than 800K active readers in its four major Apple events during 2012

• Readers engage an average of 38.5 minutes per-visit

Click here to follow MacWorld’s 2013 WWDC Live Blog coverage 

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