Case Study: Dermablend

L’Oreal’s Dermablend products are the No. 1 dermatologist recommended camouflage line in the United States. The brand has numerous success stories of users utilizing Dermablend to cover birthmarks, tattoos, scars, pigmentation and post-surgical scars. The Dermablend team recently decided that as part of a larger campaign they wanted to provide a means for loyal users to share their thoughts, photos and videos socially. Not only could this create an opportunity for users to share, but it also created a learning center where others could see what’s working well for others and what products they are using to achieve their successes.

Dermablend implemented CoveritLive’s LiveContentWall as part of their #CamoConfessions campaign, creating a great place for customers to share their personal Dermablend success stories. The wall featured a responsive design supported embed that looked great on all screen sizes and displayed with infinite height on its standalone page. Additionally, the brand’s home page included a small embed of the Viewer Window to provide a teaser of the wall’s social content.

The Dermablend team provided an outstanding experience by taking advantage of the powerful EventStudio moderation tools to populate Twitter and Instagram content into the SmartStream for a simple curation process. The EventStudio’s Social Automation tools allowed the Producer to set specific Twitter or Instagram Usernames or Hashtags to flow into the queue where they were previewed prior to being published. After identifying certain products used by the customers, the Dermablend team utilized the Replies feature to publish the original content with an accompanying thread that provided product information and made the posts more ‘shoppable.’  This ability to publish great success stories and add context with product information and links for purchasing, made the #CamoConfessions campaign not only a great social experience, but a sales conversion experience as well.

LiveContentWall, Mobile, Producer, Moderation, Replies, Infinite Height, Responsive Design, Twitter, Instagram, EventStudio, Social Automation


  • 300% increase in site traffic in April 2014
  • The Camo Confessions campaign created one of the largest sales spikes ever across the L’Oreal brand family
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