Monthly Archives: April 2014

Legacy API Retirement

In the fall of 2011 CoveritLive released a major update to our API.  This included numerous improvements such as standardizing and simplifying how clients worked with endpoints, and extending API functionality to encompass virtually every component of the CoveritLive event experience.  Since then we've continued to extend and improve version 2 of the API, as new functionality has been added to the platform and as our customers have identified creative new ways to use it.

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Le Monde’s custom implementations

French publisher Le Monde has been a prominent CoveritLive user for many years and their custom implemenations of CiL are some of the best and most successful experiences out there. Check out this case study to learn about the variety of use cases that Le Monde utilizes, including their unique home page, expanding window for highlighting breaking news events.

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CoveritLive: March 2014 in review

The month of March saw CoveritLive users join the third most live experiences in a single month to-date. This installment’s infographic presentation explores March’s events that were highlighted by the Oscars, unrest in Ukraine, NHL Trade Deadline, the NFL’s free agency period, MLB’s Opening Day and elections in France. Here is a peek at key data and highlights from the top events of the month.

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