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CiL Classic to be Retired on Jan. 14. 2014

As of Jan. 14. 2014 the CoveritLive Classic Console will be retired and no longer officially supported.
What does this mean to you?

If you're already using EventStudio then there's no action you need to take. (Just keep your eyes open for some great new features coming in January! :)

If you're still using CiL Classic then it's time to switch to the new management console, EventStudio. CiL Classic does not contain all of the latest features and updates so it means you've been missing out on a lot of improvements. CiL Classic will also be officially retired on January 14 2014 which means it will no longer be widely available or officially supported. Learn More about making the switch to EventStudio.

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CoveritLive Weekly: Top five Social TV events (Dec. 9-15, 2013)

After a few weeks off, the weekly CoveritLive Social TV rankings are back with five second screen experiences from last week that include a trio of NFL football events. This week’s events also include Champions League football and live coverage of Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

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CoveritLive releases LiveContentWalls, EventDesigner and more

CoveritLive is proud to announce the release of LiveContentWalls, a new format for consuming live content and EventDesigner, a new system for creating diverse forms of real-time engagement. LiveContentWalls (LCWs) make it easy to create a dynamic and highly-visual social wall experience for any live event. Curate social content from Twitter, Instagram and other social media, and publish along with your own original comments and images. All LCW posts are displayed instantly in a tiled wall format similar to those seen on Pinterest and other social sites. Complementing the new format is the EventDesigner, which provides users a quick and intuitive system for creating and configuring live experiences. Read more…

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CoveritLive Highlights: 2013

The last year was a great success for CoveritLive as the product and its robust feature set continued to grow and further solidify CiL's place as the World's Real-Time Events Leader. Take a look at some of the highlights from 2013, beginning with the EventStudio in February up until last month's landmark release.

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Bild’s Bundesliga Fan Block

German publisher services its customers on a daily basis as they come to for information on the latest in sports, news, entertainment, politics and tabloid fodder. The site uses CoveritLive for live experiences of all shapes and sizes, but none is bigger than the Bundesliga Fan Block that Bild utilizes to inform and interact with football fans nationwide and beyond.  Read More…

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CoveritLive: November 2013 in review

The month of November marked the fourth straight month that CoveritLive has seen more than 39 million readers join CiL events. This installment’s infographic presentation explores November’s events that were highlighted by major weather coverage, NFL and NCAA Football, the Australian Football League Draft, World Cup qualifying matches, Formula 1 racing and more. Here is a peek at key data and highlights from the top events of the month. Read more…

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