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CoveritLive Weekly: Top five Social TV events (Dec. 17-23)

By Spencer Kitley

An eclectic blend of events from across the globe comprise the latest edition of the CoveritLive weekly Social TV rankings, with entries coming from the Philippines, India, Brazil and the United States. Live coverage of the 2012 Miss Universe pageant, cricket, the Champions League draw and NFL football filled out the top-five.

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CiL Feature Implementation: Yahoo Fantasy Football Now

By Spencer Kitley

Every Sunday throughout the 2012 National Football League season, CoveritLive plays a key role in helping fantasy football enthusiasts with expert advice and important up-to-the-minute information. Yahoo Sports’ weekly Fantasy Football Live dashboard experience incorporates an interactive fantasy live video stream with social media integration, statistics projections and the prominent use of CoveritLive for an additional chat with fantasy experts.

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CoveritLive: 2012 in review

By Spencer Kitley

The past year proved to be a landmark year at CoveritLive, hosting a record number of events, attracting some of the largest audiences to-date and incorporating more-and-more new features to the already robust experience. The year included marquee events around the U.S. Presidential election, the Summer Olympics, Academy Awards, France’s Presidential election and Apple’s iPad and iPhone 5 announcements. The yearly numbers include key data and highlights from the top events of the first 11 months of the year.

2012 by the numbers

• This year CoveritLive has hosted more than 327,000 events.

• In 2012, CoveritLive events attracted a total of 331 million clicks. The click metric is defined as a reader that actively clicks into a CiL event.

• The single largest month by click volume was May, when more than 42 million readers clicked into CiL events

• March notched the top spot for most events in a single month in 2012 with 41,459

• CoveritLive attracted almost 1.5 billion page views during 2012

• In 2012, in excess of 224 million Tweets were pushed through CoveritLive events

• The largest CoveritLive event of 2012 was French publisher, Le Monde’s live coverage of the shootings in Toulouse, France in late March that attracted 5,768,897 readers. In the U.S., Yahoo held the largest event of the year, drawing an audience of 2,583,378 readers to its live Hurricane Sandy coverage.

Check out the CoveritLive University replay of ‘Discovering the new producer experience’

By Spencer Kitley

CoveritLive hosted the fifth session of its multi-part, CoveritLive University web series on Thursday, Dec. 13 in a webinar entitled ‘Discover the new Producer experience.’

In this installment of CoveritLive University, CiL General Manager Ben Schneider waked attendees through the new CoveritLive Producer console and explained the new moderation queue, media library, enhanced searches and more.

CLICK HERE to watch a replay of the latest CiL U session or to register for the webinar on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 11 am ET.

CoveritLive Guide to Twitter

By Spencer Kitley

The growing popularity of Twitter is undeniable and drawing fresh, live Twitter content into an event is an outstanding way to enliven live blogs, chat and Social TV events. Using Twitter with CiL allows reporters, journalists, bloggers or topical experts to inject live commentary from the field during breaking news or to add relevant third party analysis and opinion.

CoveritLive uses real-time Streaming API to provide faster, more reliable Twitter integration and ultimately create unparalleled experiences within CiL events.  There is no doubt that Twitter is a key platform for live coverage and CiL has harnessed this valuable source of insight for seamless event integration.  In fact, over 20 million tweets are pushed through CoveritLive each month and that number continues to grow.

If you are using a popular search term, CoveritLive’s unique “Top Tweets” filter keeps readers engaged by filtering through the Twitter noise. The Top Tweets filter makes it easy to include tweets in your live event since it automatically provides only the most relevant and interesting content. Additionally, users can pre-load multiple Twitter usernames, lists, hashtags and search terms for ease of use during the live event. CiL also allows users to exclude content, including ‘@’ replies and ‘dirty words.

When conducting an event be sure to keep the following Best Practices in mind:

Set your Tweet filters to include the desired amount of information. For example if you are using the search term “Oprah” and you set the Top Tweet slider to the right-most position, only the most popular “Oprah” related tweets will show up in your event — e.g. Tweets from @Oprah or from the most popular news sources, plus ‘smart’ or ‘viral’ tweets that have been re-tweeted and are popular in the “Twitterverse”.

Live blogging an event with no television or internet video feed? Incorporate photos from your mobile device or photographer colleague into your event. Native Twitter photos appear as images in the viewer window and give further insight into the live event.

Be careful not to inundate readers with too many Tweets as events which are populated with a tweet every few seconds offer little value to the reader. Too large of a list of Twitter handles or hashtags can overwhelm readers, so management of your Twitter filters will ensure that the volume and quality of tweets fits the event.

Are you are using your CoveritLive event primarily as a ‘Tweet catcher’? If so, it is highly recommended that the event is set up as a CoveritLive Ticker. CiL Tickers are designed to host permanent or long-term events. Standard events that run for several days at a time with a high volume of only tweets may be auto-converted into a Ticker.

Pre-load the Twitter usernames, lists and hashtags that you are interested in prior to the event beginning, so you can focus on moderation once the event begins.  If a Tweeter gives cause to be removed or added during the event, settings can be adjusted on the fly in the console while the event is in progress.

Twitter should be a primary tool in your live coverage but not your complete strategy. The combination of Twitter and CoveritLive creates far more compelling real-time experiences and will build strong connections with your audience. To learn more about how you can use Twitter within your CoveritLive events, check out our support center and follow us at @CoveritLive.

CoveritLive Weekly: Top five Social TV events (Dec. 3-9)

By Spencer Kitley

Boxing events all over the world landed knockout punches last week, posting a clean sweep of the top five in the CoveritLive weekly Social TV rankings. The list included three events for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manual Marquez, while a pair of other European bouts landed on the countdown as well.

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CiL Feature Implementation: University of Minnesota Athletics

By Spencer Kitley

Many sports organizations and athletics teams use CoveritLive for live game coverage as part of an all-encompassing viewer experience, but the dashboard the University of Minnesota Athletics Department has created is second to none. Minnesota’s Game Day Live pages on incorporate multiple elements, including social media, live statistics, key links and a prominent display of CoveritLive for its live game chats.

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CoveritLive sponsoring News:Rewired – Digital Stories on Dec. 6

By Spencer Kitley

CoveritLive is set to serve as a presenting sponsor on Thursday, Dec. 6 at’s News:Rewired digital journalism conference. The one-day event is being held at MSN UK’s offices in Victoria, London. The Digital Stories event will be geared toward equipping attendees with knowledge of the latest techniques and tools for producing top-notch digital journalism, as well as offering insight into some of the innovative projects evolving within today’s newsrooms, and outside of them.

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CoveritLive: November in review

By Spencer Kitley

With the conclusion of November, CoveritLive kicks off its new month-in-review series that will profile key CiL usage from the previous month. The inaugural edition showcases a month that was buoyed by the United States Presidential election, the Hurricane Sandy disaster and American professional and collegiate football.  The monthly numbers were somewhat distorted due to the U.S. Thanksgiving week holiday lull, but here is a look at key data and highlights from the top events of the month.

November by the numbers

• In November, CoveritLive events attracted a total of 18.7 million clicks. The click metric is defined as a reader that actively clicks into a CiL event.

• The single largest day by click volume was November 7, when more than 4 million readers clicked into CiL events.

• CoveritLive attracted 102.9 million page views during the month.

• CiL event readers stayed in events an average of 41 minutes per-visit in November.

• In excess of 11.1 million Tweets were pushed through CoveritLive events during the month.

• The largest CoveritLive event of the month was French publisher, Le Monde’s live coverage of the U.S. Presidential election, attracting 655,252 readers. In the U.S., Yahoo held the largest event of the month, drawing an audience of 271,752 readers to its live election coverage.